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23 Oct 2011 22:26


Tech: Apple’s most iconic device celebrates a major milestone

  • Happy 10th Birthday, iPod: Apple has sold more than 300 million iPod devices since it was introduced on October 23, 2001. The first iPod had a five-gigabyte hard drive and could hold 1,000 songs. It sold for $399. Today, the iPod Classic can hold 30,000 songs on its 160-gigabyte hard drive at a cost of $249. source

22 Nov 2010 10:27


Tech: Side benefit of iOS release: “Find My iPhone” is now free (finally)

  • $99 the cost of Apple’s greatly useful “Find My iPhone” service, as part of a MobileMe subscription
  • free the cost of the shoulda-been-free service after iOS 4.2 comes out today (good idea) source

20 Nov 2010 22:00


Tech: TapTyping makers Flairify: People can type 100WPM on an iPad

  • It’s been a few months since we posted about TapTyping, Flairify’s tap-typing app for the iPad. Anyway, they let us know the other day about two new features on their app: One, a universal version’s out (so you can test your tap-typing skillz with your thumbs on an iPhone or iPod Touch), and also, there’s a new leaderboard feature. Would you believe that someone can actually type 111 words a minute on an iPad? Well, someone has. Get that person a job as a secretary. source

06 Sep 2010 10:27


Tech: Apple’s iPod Touch press photos are a Photoshop fail

  • Just when you thought Apple survived a product launch mostly unscathed, some jerk had to notice some crappy Photoshop work. Apple wasn’t particularly good at hiding their iPhone tracks on the new iPod Touch this time out, leading to a couple gaffes like the one over to the right. See the arrow? Yeah, we know, right? source

02 Sep 2010 00:10


Tech: Oh yeah, we almost forgot: Apple released a bunch of crap

  • Steve Jobs needed a good keynote today, after all of the crappy PR Apple has faced over the last few months. And he did a great job. Too bad that guy had to go into the Discovery Building and hold it hostage. But that said, the products were pretty cool. Our favorites were the new iPod Nanos (above) and the freshly updated iPod Touch. And the Apple TV update was definitely a good move – especially the newfound focus on Netflix. We’re totally pouring a 40, though, for the old-school iPod Classic, which wasn’t updated at all this year (though it’s still for sale). source

23 Aug 2010 10:04


Tech: Apple decides to play Big Brother with new anti-jailbreak patent

  • good Apple has created and applied to patent a new technology to allow them to detect unauthorized iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad uses.
  • badThose unauthorized uses include jailbreaking, unlocking and removing a SIM card. Because Apple doesn’t like these (still legal) things.
  • worseThe methods of detecting an unauthorized user include creepy voice and heartbeat detection. It’s like 1984 all over again. source

21 Jan 2010 09:19


Tech: Retro nerdgasm: Final Fantasy is coming to the iPhone (whoa!)

The game isn’t released on the app store yet, but Mashable has some pretty lookin’ screenshots for nerds to nerd about. source

13 Aug 2009 10:52


Tech: (Don’t) Admit it, you’re excited about Zune HD. Pre-order it today.

Zune HD

27 May 2009 20:16


Tech: Again, MS is late to the game with its new Zune. Here’s why.

  • one Why would we want to listen to HD radio when we can stream stuff from the Internet?
  • two It refers to itself as having a HD display, but that display is smaller than the iPhone. *hmm*
  • three Just because a music player can connect to a video game system doesn’t mean it should.
  • four It supposedly has a Web browser, but if its name is “Internet Explorer,” no way Jose.
  • five Lauren probably wouldn’t want one because it’s trying too hard to be really hip. source

21 Apr 2009 10:20


Tech, U.S.: The iPod Touch = The military’s new weapon of choice

  • why? The military has spent all this money on research and development of technology to use in the field, and Apple’s device has nearly equaled it – and at $230 a pop, it costs a lot less than the $600-$700 devices they usually carry around. And, admit it, it looks cool. Wouldn’t you want to carry around an iPod Touch in Iraq?
  • how? Among military uses involve translation software for soldiers in the field, especially in Iraq. Soldiers can also take photos and annotate maps out of the box. The military is also working on its own facial-recognition app to spot terrorism suspects. (No word on if it’s coming to the app store, though we’re guessing no.) source