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21 Dec 2010 11:05


Tech: Guess that streaming-only Apple TV reboot really paid off

  • 1 million units sold in just three months; that’s not a bad start, guys source

24 Sep 2010 15:48


Tech: NBC’s Jeff Zucker contradicts himself on Apple TV and Netflix

  • wednesday NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker is worried about “devaluing” his network’s content, so he doesn’t want to allow 99-cent rentals on the refreshed Apple TV.
  • friday NBC announces a deal to put many of their popular shows on Netflix’s streaming service, which Apple TV includes. Oh, and that Zucker’s out. source

02 Sep 2010 00:10


Tech: Oh yeah, we almost forgot: Apple released a bunch of crap

  • Steve Jobs needed a good keynote today, after all of the crappy PR Apple has faced over the last few months. And he did a great job. Too bad that guy had to go into the Discovery Building and hold it hostage. But that said, the products were pretty cool. Our favorites were the new iPod Nanos (above) and the freshly updated iPod Touch. And the Apple TV update was definitely a good move – especially the newfound focus on Netflix. We’re totally pouring a 40, though, for the old-school iPod Classic, which wasn’t updated at all this year (though it’s still for sale). source

01 Sep 2010 12:19


28 May 2010 14:00


Tech: Apple apparently has big plans to revive its Apple TV line

  • good It will reportedly be based on the lightweight iPhone OS and focus on streaming content.
  • better This iPad-sans-screen will only cost $99, which is a solid $100 less than the current Apple TV. source

11 Feb 2010 10:50


Tech: How low can they go? Apple is trying to cut TV show prices

  • $1.99 the price Apple currently sells TV shows for – it’s also a dollar extra for HD, and it’s expensive
  • $1 the price Apple is gunning to sell TV shows for, which could help it take on Hulu
  • $30 the price they want to charge for all-you-can-eat monthly Apple TV subscriptions source