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15 Dec 2011 10:11


Tech: Hallelujah: Microsoft will automatically upgrade Internet Explorer

  • before Internet Explorer was a bit of an anger-inducing product for Web developers because users would be slow to upgrade their browsers, leading to large numbers of users on IE6 and IE7 years after those browsers were out-of-date. Despite Chrome and Firefox having automatic upgrade options, for years, Microsoft resisted. Developers cried.
  • now In a major change in policy, Microsoft will automatically update browsers for home users — to IE8 for Windows XP users and IE9 for Vista and Windows 7 users. They won’t die entirely, though — corporate IT users can block the upgrades, and there will be opt-out mechanisms. But maybe this might be the death knell to IE6? God, let’s hope so. source

03 Aug 2011 20:28


Tech: Hoaxsters say IE users are dumb, prove smarter than everyone else

  • yeah, We were surprised, too. Canadian firm ApTiquant recently reported that Internet Explorer users had lower IQ scores than users of other browsers — a study which, by the way, got picked up by a ton of news outlets. Turns out their entire study was completely fabricated (and the firm didn’t even exist until recently). When the BBC asked Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University’s Statistical Laboratory for his opinion, he said “these figures are implausibly low — and an insult to IE users.” Some people are willing to do anything to get IE users to upgrade — and we don’t blame ’em. source

05 Mar 2011 12:55


Tech: Internet Explorer 6, or why most sites look really bad in China

  • Today in reasons to be critical of the influence China has on the rest of the world, we submit to you “IE6 Countdown,” a Microsoft-made site that shows why the browser remains so prevalent a full decade after its initial release. See that giant red spot, showing widespread usage? That’s China. You know, beyond awareness campaigns, Microsoft could do more to get people to stop using IE6. They’re not doing enough, really. source

05 Oct 2010 10:28


Tech: Hooray! Internet Explorer dips below 50 percent market share

  • 67% Internet Explorer’s dominant market share two years ago
  • 49.87% IE’s market share today; are people finally upgrading from IE6? source

22 Sep 2010 10:51


Tech: Internet Explorer 9’s beta doing some boffo downloads

  • 2 million downloads in only two days – not bad considering no XP source

04 Aug 2010 21:20


Tech: Internet Explorer 9 actually standards-focused, unlike IE8

  • 20 Internet Explorer 8’s score on the popular Acid3 browser test
  • 95 Internet Explorer 9’s score, according to its test preview source
  • » Don’t get too excited yet: While the browser is clearly designed to standards (about time), it’s only available for Windows Vista SP2 and above – which means boxes still using Windows XP and IE6 will continue to rule the world.

29 May 2010 12:58


Tech: Also on the IE6 tip: Microsoft treats it like spoiled milk, literally

  • That’s right. Even Microsoft doesn’t want it. The company’s Australian arm has created an advertising campaign to make some of the wind out of IE6’s long-working sails. Clever approach. Will it work? source

05 Mar 2010 22:00


Tech: The IE6 funeral went without a hitch, and even had some awesome

Someone at Microsoft, thankfully, has a sense of humor. Know that IE6 funeral yesterday? The Internet Explorer team sent flowers. Which rocks. source

04 Mar 2010 10:19


Tech: Rest in peace, old browser: There’s an IE6 funeral today

  • Get to Denver tonight to pay your last respects. A couple of jokesters have decided to make a point about how much IE6 sucks by holding a funeral for it. The browser, which will soon no longer be supported by the likes of YouTube, is still popular despite having a bad reputation. Blame corporate environments that NEVER upgrade their machines. source

02 Mar 2010 20:26


Tech: Don’t hit the F1 key: Irony hits unpatched Windows XP computers

  • Press this key and your computer will blow up, Microsoft says. You gotta love the hilarious sense of humor that malware-makers have. People who use Internet Explorer in Windows XP should avoid pressing this key for the time being because a zero-day exploit can severely damage your computer if you use the help function. Well, that’s not very helpful! source