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24 Jan 2011 10:13


World: Palestine: Al-Jazeera’s “Palestine Papers” full of lies

  • We don’t have anything to hide. [The papers have been] taken out of context and contain lies … Al-Jazeera’s information is full of distortions and fraud.
  • PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat • Denying the claims of al-Jazeera and The Guardian, which published the Palestine Papers, which reportedly show that Palestinians were ready to give Israel a huge concession without getting much of anything from Israel. Hamas officials, on the other hand, is quite angry about the report, saying it shows “this leadership is not honest.” FYI: More stuff is coming this week. Keep an eye out. source

20 Dec 2010 10:08



  • I do not know who has given these documents to the media, but the purpose can only be one thing – trying to make Julian look bad.
  • Julian Assange’s Swedish Lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig • Offering up the most ironic complaint ever, that the leak of material in Julian Assange’s sex case makes Assange look bad. OHHHHHHHHHH so it’s OK as long as it doesn’t involve Julian Assange. Let’s bask in the glow of this for a second and remind you guys of this site, with its phallic logo and possible improvement over the Wikileaks model.  source

02 Dec 2010 22:54


Tech: Amazon drops extremely lame excuse for dumping Wikileaks

  • It’s clear that WikiLeaks doesn’t own or otherwise control all the rights to this classified content. Further, it is not credible that the extraordinary volume of 250,000 classified documents that WikiLeaks is publishing could have been carefully redacted in such a way as to ensure that they weren’t putting innocent people in jeopardy.
  • A statement from Amazon • Regarding their reasons for removing Wikileaks from Amazon Web Services. Pretty much everything we said about this whole thing last night still stands, even in the wake of all of this – namely, who is Amazon (which is running a service that should be impartial) to be making a judgment call here? This feels like an excuse more than anything else. They’ve created some major trust issues here. source

16 Oct 2010 15:33


World: Wikileaks throwing more documents our way. We can’t wait

  • 400,000 Iraq War docs on Monday source

08 Aug 2010 22:47


U.S.: Wikileaks: Bradley Manning has a lot of friends on the outside

Bradley Manning has tons of supporters, and all of them look like nerds and conspiracy theorists. We mean that in the nicest way possible. source

09 Jun 2010 10:59


Politics: Uh, what? BP says the government is lying about oil spill plumes

  • yesterday The government confirmed for the first time that they found massive oil plumes as far as 142 miles away from the base of the spill. People like us freak out.
  • “today” On “The Today Show,” a top BP exec said this: “We haven’t found any large concentrations of oil under the sea. To my knowledge, no one has.” Wait, what? source

07 Jun 2010 10:36


U.S.: The reported source of that crazy Wikileaks video is in custody

  • Hillary Clinton, and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning, and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format, to the public.
  • SPC Bradley Manning • Regarding some of the documents he sent to Wikileaks. Manning was arrested two weeks ago for reportedly leaking a number of documents to the site, most notably this video, in which a number of innocent civilians are killed in a helicopter attack. Manning was turned in by a hacker, and has not been charged yet. But holy crap. This guy gave Julian Assange and his boys a lot of classified info. source