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03 Apr 2011 17:15


Culture: Torpedo insufficiently violent, truthful for Detroit

  • NO Charlie Sheen isn’t great at putting together a live show source
  • » We’re tentative about even broaching this, as we got tired and sick of the media’s Sheen-o-rama much quicker than most. But even if only as a means to interrupt the flow of globally important, sometimes dire news for a little diversionary breather, this New York Times article about the disastrous debut of Sheen’s live show (characteristically called Violent Torpedo of Truth) last night is worth a look. We kept thinking while reading this about what Bill Maher predicted two weeks ago: “He’ll come out, he’ll say his catchphrase ‘duh, winning,’ the place will go nuts, and then it will be a long, slow march to 9:30.” It looks like he nailed it.

30 Aug 2010 10:16


Tech: Chatroulette’s return embarrassing, not very good at all

  • yes Chatroulette is back after having been down an entire week (not a day, as previously hinted).
  • no It’s not very good and has the hallmarks of a 17-year-old’s rough programming skills. source

08 Jun 2010 10:32


Culture: Terrible human being alert: Gary Coleman’s ex sold death photos

  • Dear God, woman, were you just waiting for him to die? Shannon Price, the ex-wife of the former child star who called the shots at the hospital, reportedly had professional photos taken of Coleman just before his death, which she then sold to the tabloids. If that doesn’t scream classless, we don’t know what does. As you might guess, his mom finds this unbelievable too. This guy had a terrible life, and his death was equally terrible. Why exploit him? source

04 Jun 2010 23:41


Culture: Arizona school: Can you whiten up the black kid on this mural? (whoa)

  • We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars. We had children painting with us, and here come these yells of (epithet for Blacks) and (epithet for Hispanics).
  • Prescott, Ariz. Downtown Mural Project director R.E. Wall • Regarding the ridiculous chain of events that led to the group lightening the skin of children depicted on a local elementary school’s mural. The mural, by the way, is trying to promote green transportation, and features pictures of KIDS AT THE SCHOOL. Wall says that he and others were depicted to racial slurs on a regular basis while painting the mural. While the school claimed it was only to fix shading, the controversy got so bad that a city councilman who hosts a radio show was trying to get the mural taken down. Real quote from Steve Blair: “To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?” Holy crap. This is 2010. (Hat tip Carissa Wright) source

30 May 2010 14:47


Politics: Old ladies on the oil spill: Good message, terrible song

  • We like the idea, we like the sentiment, but could we, you know, possibly have like Spoon or Kanye or Radiohead or someone else sing it? Heck, we’d even be fine if Nickelback sung it. Nothing against “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” but it’s seriously the un-hippest song ever. These gals seriously sound like a bunch of lefty bizarro hippies.

30 May 2010 01:04


Music, Offbeat: Where are they now?: God-awful emo band Attack Attack!

  • Yeah, we know they only came out last year, but that’s a lifetime in the blog world. Remember about a year ago, when we first heard about the crapsterpiece that is Attack Attack!’s “Stick Stickly“? Jesus, it was awful. What’s up their sleeve now? “Sexual Man Chocolate,” which is, we #(!& you not, the name of the first single off of their self-titled second album, out in a little over a week. And yeah, it’s just as bad as “Stick Stickly.” No official video yet, though. We’re guessing they don’t want to screw it up again. Still, though, you have to, uh, respect their stance on their infamy: “Amidst the sensationalist reviews, mainstream news coverage, and viral video crazes, Attack Attack! would like to make one thing clear above all else; they’re definitely having more fun than you are right now.” Keep telling yourself that, guys. source

27 May 2010 22:16


Culture: “Sex and the City 2” on the fast track to winning lots of Razzies

  • » The lesson to take from this: Don’t make comedies in deserts. It never works. The cast of Ishtar knows this fact all too well, guys.

14 May 2010 12:28


28 Apr 2010 23:16


Politics: Two purposely awful Photoshops on the Charlie Crist situation

  • We tried to make these Photoshops extra awful… bad cutouts, obvious cliches, the whole bit. We’re pretty sure the Kanye shades aren’t even cut out all the way! But let’s face it. The Florida governor has better taste in wolf shirts than Panda Bear. Marco Rubio may have youth and momentum going in his direction, but Charlie Crist has the indie vote. source

23 Apr 2010 13:16


Tech: Blippy’s got some oversharing problems on its hands

  • yesterday The New York Times publishes an article on Blippy in regards to the privacy concerns it raises – it shares once-confidential info on your purchases with your friends.
  • today A VentureBeat reporter found the reason this might be an awful idea. They found a Google search that exposes users’ credit card numbers. (!) Oh boy. source