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28 Dec 2010 10:07


Culture: It’s official: We don’t like Kevin Pollak anymore, guys

  • So, as you might’ve heard, these contestants on “Million Dollar Money Drop” actually answered this question correctly, but Fox had it wrong. They lost $800,000 on the question, and their mojo, immediately afterwards. So, what does host Kevin “I was in two of the three ‘Santa Clause’ movies” Pollak have to say about this? “They never had a chance to win that money. Ever. No matter what. They got the last question wrong. None of the clips show the last question.” SIGH. OK, Kevin, we used to like you when you were in the “Grumpy Old Men” movies. We even liked your bit part in “Willow.” But we ain’t backing your meal tickets anymore. You’re officially boycotted. (thanks The Daily What, even though we know we shouldn’t) source

30 Jul 2010 11:53


Culture: Drew Carey: “The Price Is Right” no longer has a fat host

Who cares if Bob Barker reportedly thinks he’s a lowsy host? He just lost 80 freaking pounds, and he did it the old-fashioned way: Healthy eating and exercise. source