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14 Nov 2011 23:58


Culture: “The Hunger Games” trailer launches, internet collectively can’t wait

  • We’re not sorry about how excited we are for this movie. The long-anticipated trailer for the popular book trilogy was released today. Take a look at it. This “young adult” series touches on some very gruesome subjects. 24 enter, but only one will survive the Hunger Games of Panem. The movie is slated to premiere March 23, so mark your calendars and start planning your midnight release parties. source

23 Jul 2010 22:37


Culture: “Machete” never meant to be immigration statement, but kinda is

  • It’s kind of funny because it’s not really what the movie is about, and I didn’t want people to think that it was. I just felt like I had to say something about it so I cut that trailer. There’s so much grandstanding and those of us who live near a border know how unsolvable the issue really is.
  • Director Robert Rodriguez • On how his upcoming “Machete,” which he premiered at Comic-Con, somehow ended up in the middle in the immigration debate. That’s because he cut a version of the self-described Mexploitation film’s trailer that tackled the immigration debate. The film, which has stacked its cast since the days of the original “Grindhouse” fake trailer, has drawn some political blowback for the trailer, but considering the attention it’s drawn, it only makes us want to see the Danny Trejo career summation even more. source

16 Jul 2010 11:22


Culture: “The Social Network” trailer (in full this time) is looking pretty rad

  • It makes Harvard feel like a country club. We were hoping that this project would be pretty awesome, and the trailer thus far is suggesting that it might in fact live up to the hype. Our fingers are crossed. Don’t screw this up, Fincher and Sorkin!

09 Mar 2010 09:46


Culture: The “Tron: Legacy” trailer is pretty frackin’ awesome

  • Three Words: Daft Punk soundtrack. This trailer premiered during “Alice in Wonderland” (a movie that had a pretty stellar debut, by the way) and looks genuinely awesome. This film could’ve been quite cheesy, but instead seems to strike a truly exciting tone. And also, Jeff Bridges is pretty much awesome in every role he’s in.

17 Dec 2009 09:44


03 Dec 2009 10:23


Culture: Anyone hate babies as much as we do? If so, don’t watch this trailer

  • It’s like “Look Who’s Talking” for the indie set. A documentary on babies shot in four different global locales, this movie strikes us as kinda cute in that rip-hair-out-our-skulls kind of way. Two minutes of this is OK, but could you imagine an hour and a half of these babies?

20 Aug 2009 11:40



  • Yeah, we know. We posted two videos in a row. But. This. Is. Avatar. It deserves to be posted next no matter what came before. source

26 Jul 2009 12:08


Culture: It’s official: We want to have the new Tron movie’s baby

  • It doesn’t matter that we’re a blog. Or that we’re mostly written from a male perspective. Or that we can’t reproduce even if we wanted to. Watch this trailer and tell us you don’t want to have a baby with “Tron Legacy.” And keep in mind that Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack. DAFT PUNK! There’s nothing that can go wrong with this movie. source

21 Jul 2009 14:59


Culture: Hall and Oates – and Oates’ stache – are back, in cartoon form

  • Well, this is much better than it has any right to be. “J-Stache” is a cartoon featuring Hall and Oates, with Oates’ stache as one of the main characters. We heard about it when it was first being discussed, and held our breath hoping it would be great, and this video sure provides a lot of ammunition in its favor. source

23 Jun 2009 11:14


Culture: May we just say: The “Zombieland” trailer looks freaking awesome

  • We’re hoping that this movie makes people forget Woody Harrelson was ever even on “Cheers” back in the day. source