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29 Aug 2011 22:42


Politics: Piers Morgan nails the “Hurricane Irene Overhyped” meme to the wall

  • How many have to be killed for you to assess this as serious enough?
  • Piers Morgan • During a suitably dramatic debate on whether the media overhyped coverage of Hurricane Irene. Morgan and a couple of his fellow guests — New York Times super-reporter Brian Stelter and meteorologist Chad Meyers — ripped into the Washington Times’ Joseph Curl, who claimed that the storm was in fact overhyped. Curl was against a stacked jury: Stelter (who is on Tumblr) had just gotten back from North Carolina, Meyers is a meteorologist and Morgan is a sucker for passionate quotes. The overhyped argument loses again in the media sphere. Now, let’s go talk about getting some donations to people who need it. source

17 Aug 2011 11:04


Music: Years later, Pitchfork explains why it stopped hyping Black Kids

  • If you were a music fan in 2008, you might have seen the Pitchfork review for Black Kids’ “Partie Traumatic” and asked yourself, “What the hell?!” Why’s that? Well, the band was built up by Pitchfork, with many people first hearing about them thanks to this review. Well, finally, with a couple of years of hindsight, Pitchfork has finally explained itself a little bit in their roundup of “One-List Wonders.” Key line: “Soon came signs it was all happening too fast.” Either way, “I’m Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You” is still a great song. source

17 Sep 2010 21:14


Tech: Diaspora, post-release: No love at all from programmers

  • Haters gon’ Hate. If you’ve read Hacker News lately, you might have noticed a recent trend of programmers basically tearing apart the code from Diaspora. There are lots of reasons for this, but the biggest one is that the security backbone appears to be lacking. This guy put it this way: “The more I read, the more bad things I found. They’re going to need a complete overhaul to fix this.” These wet-behind-the-ears college students have now been accused of creating some of the worst clearly marked pre-alpha code known to man. Which leads us to ask, have they seen the new Chatroulette? If they really want to feel manly, they should stop ripping on NYU students and start ripping on 17-year-old Russian kids that are friends with Sean Parker. That’ll show ’em.  source

26 Aug 2010 20:27


Tech: Diaspora to launch September 15th, crush under its own hype

  • We are spending a good chunk of time concentrating on building clear, contextual sharing. That means an intuitive way for users to decide, and not notice deciding, what content goes to their coworkers and what goes to their drinking buddies.
  • The dudes from the Diaspora project • Giving an end-of-Summer update on their well-funded project. While some of the more technical things won’t make the launch, they plan to have a working version ready to go by September 15, which means we get do decide then whether or not these guys are full of crap or actually have the goods. To celebrate, we’re going to set our Facebook settings to the loosest available. We don’t need it anymore; we have the goodness that is Diaspora. source

04 Aug 2010 21:26


Tech: Maybe it was too complex: Google Wave to die on the vine

  • 435 days between Wave’s birth and death source

04 Jun 2010 14:19


World: Did the World Health Organization overhype swine flu?

  • Two new reports suggest they did. Last year, swine flu, or H1N1, was treated as the second coming of the black plague. A couple of new reports suggest the people making the recommendations to WHO had ties to the drug industry, and those recommendations led to governments wasting millions of dollars on H1N1 vaccines that would never actually get used. “We are left wondering whether major public health organizations are able to effectively manage the conflicts of interest that are inherent in medical science,” one report says. So, who’s the swine now? source

15 Apr 2010 09:15


Tech: Despite sucking terribly, Opera Mini gets a ton of downloads

  • 1 million downloads of a crap iPhone browser in its first full day source

31 Jan 2010 09:47


Music: Lady Gaga: An example of how the music business goes forward?

Gaga’s odd sound and image has ruled music. How? Credit her business model, where, for more promotion, a cut of EVERYTHING goes to the record company. source

28 Jan 2010 20:38


Biz, Tech: Apple’s iPad overhype just hurt its stock price big time

  • 4.1% drop in stock price today; stupid tablet source

14 Dec 2009 11:04