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22 Feb 2012 22:45


Tech: Open-source fans, here you go: Ubuntu for Android ahoy!

  • After months of rumors, Canonical has unveiled Ubuntu for Android, a version of the ultra-popular Ubuntu Linux kernel that boots from Android mobile devices. We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. source

03 Dec 2011 18:00


Tech: Could Mozilla’s Firefox lose its biggest funding source: Google?

  • growth Over the years, Mozilla’s open-source Firefox browser grew from nothing to provide a solid secondary option to Microsoft’s once-dominant Internet Explorer. It funded itself in large part from a multi-year deal it made with Google to make their search the default, allowing Mozilla to grow quickly.
  • hindrance However, since they made the last deal in 2008, a strange thing started happening — Google created a browser of its own, Chrome, that quickly ate its own share of the market. It’s now tied with or ahead of Firefox. So … will Google renew the deal with Mozilla? Do they need to? source

15 Sep 2010 23:19


Tech: Here’s their hard work: The boys of Diaspora show their stuff

  • There it is guys. Diaspora. The Kickstarter project that led to many thousands of dollars in donations now has a code release. It’s now open-source. It’s not a real release yet (that’s coming in October), but it’s definitely off to a good start. Imagine it as Facebook without any of the ads and extra crap that makes Facebook Facebook. Too early to decide if it’s overhyped yet. source

26 Aug 2010 20:27


Tech: Diaspora to launch September 15th, crush under its own hype

  • We are spending a good chunk of time concentrating on building clear, contextual sharing. That means an intuitive way for users to decide, and not notice deciding, what content goes to their coworkers and what goes to their drinking buddies.
  • The dudes from the Diaspora project • Giving an end-of-Summer update on their well-funded project. While some of the more technical things won’t make the launch, they plan to have a working version ready to go by September 15, which means we get do decide then whether or not these guys are full of crap or actually have the goods. To celebrate, we’re going to set our Facebook settings to the loosest available. We don’t need it anymore; we have the goodness that is Diaspora. source

25 Oct 2009 10:47


Tech: Meet the world’s most famous Drupal-based site: Whitehouse.Gov

  • Well, that certainly helps with open government. The White House uses the same technology that many huge Web sites use (along with our bros at Bluffton Today, where we worked in our formative years). Drupal’s open source. Now, so is This is cool, kids. source

19 Aug 2009 10:27


Tech: Cut it out: was closing. Now it’s going public domain.

  • It is our hope that, being an excellent URL shortener in its own right, can now begin to stand in contrast to the closed twitter/ walled garden.
  • A statement from the Nambu staff • Regarding’s plans to become an open-source alternative to, currently the most popular URL shortener. We understand what they’re going for and appreciate it, but we wish they’d do it with a lot less public attacking of their competition. • source

08 Jul 2009 22:11


Tech: Google doesn’t need an OS for the PC, ’cause it already has one

  • chrome Last night, Google surprised the tech-hungry masses just getting to bed by announcing that they are going to release a new operating system called Chrome OS designed to work with Netbooks and PCs and compete with Microsoft.
  • android Strangely enough, just the day before, an open-source group released version 0.2 of Live-Android, which just happens to be a version of Google’s mobile OS designed to boot on x86 PCs. Wait, you mean they have two OSes for PCs now? source

03 Jul 2009 21:36


Tech: Nerdy? Need a weekend project? Try hacking these old Atari games

These Atari 7800 classics, along with a bunch of others, are now open source. Re-program them to your heart’s delight! source

27 Apr 2009 12:06


Politics, Tech: Free software fanatic Richard Stallman is insane, by the way

  • Proprietary software is a social problem, and our aim is to put an end to it. Free software is sometimes more powerful and reliable, but what concerns us most is that it is a more ethical way to distribute software.
  • Free Software Foundation founder and president Richard Stallman • On the “problem” of proprietary, copyrighted software. Why is he so hardcore about free? Well, as he says, “If you don’t have that freedom, the program controls you.” He’s like the Internet version of a crazy cat lady. • source

25 Apr 2009 11:14


Tech: Google’s G1 is no iPhone, but T-Mobile likes its sales figures a lot

  • 1 million people own one – two-thirds of all 3G devices T-Mobile sells source