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22 Feb 2012 22:45


Tech: Open-source fans, here you go: Ubuntu for Android ahoy!

  • After months of rumors, Canonical has unveiled Ubuntu for Android, a version of the ultra-popular Ubuntu Linux kernel that boots from Android mobile devices. We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. source

09 Aug 2010 02:29


About: An update on our crazy server situation for you guys

  • why our old site was slowFor some reason, we held out on upgrading the hosting. Actually, we know the reason. It’s because dry wit and big numbers are skills that don’t translate to typing dry, obscure commands in a SSH terminal. Anyway, we got a message from our good friends at HostGator letting us know that we were blowing up their server singlehandedly. We made some changes, but put the whole “moving to a new server” thing on the front-burner.
  • What happened nextIn the midst of this, they took us down AGAIN, claiming that we were “causing a high load on the server” that was “affecting all of the other accounts on the system.” Who would’ve thought a 9,000-article strong WordPress behemoth would bring a shared host to its knees? So, now we’re on Slicehost. Our copying-random-commands skills were put to the test, but we got the site up thanks to Standing Cloud‘s killer service. Who knew we could do it?
  • » Oh yeah, quick note: Our info AT shortformblog DAWT com e-mail address is no longer active. Please contact us at [email protected] instead for the time being. Thanks for listening.

11 Jan 2009 13:27


Tech: Thoughts on open source from the guy behind Ubuntu

  • Are we creating world peace or fundamentally changing the world? No. But we could shift what people expect and the amount of innovation per dollar they expect.
  • Mark Shuttleworth • the main evangelist behind Ubuntu Linux, the most popular version of the open-source operating system. Shuttleworth hopes to turn it into a popular, viable option against Microsoft Windows. • source