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15 Oct 2009 11:26


Tech: 10/GUI dares you to use your fingers instead of a mouse

  • This is really awesome. It’s a rethinking of the GUI to be something that replaces the mouse AND the complexity of the window system. It uses multitouch, but not on the screen. We’re big fans of everything except the overwraught hipster names it uses. source

08 Jul 2009 22:11


Tech: Google doesn’t need an OS for the PC, ’cause it already has one

  • chrome Last night, Google surprised the tech-hungry masses just getting to bed by announcing that they are going to release a new operating system called Chrome OS designed to work with Netbooks and PCs and compete with Microsoft.
  • android Strangely enough, just the day before, an open-source group released version 0.2 of Live-Android, which just happens to be a version of Google’s mobile OS designed to boot on x86 PCs. Wait, you mean they have two OSes for PCs now? source

08 Jul 2009 01:32


Tech: Next on Google’s list? A new operating system based on Chrome

  • Windows is screwed. Tonight, Google announced to the world that they’re launching a new Web-leaning OS that will lean on netbooks at first but is also targeted towards desktop PCs. The idea is that it’s a simple OS for people who largely live on the Web. They plan to open-source the software later this year and hope to have something to show for their hard work by the middle of next year.
  • What about Android? We know you’re thinking – doesn’t Google have Android already? Well, yeah. But Google doesn’t mind. “While there are areas where Google Chrome OS and Android overlap,” writes VP Sundar Pichai, “we believe choice will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google.” So yeah. We expect Windows to go the way of IE’s market share in about five years. source

03 Feb 2009 22:53


Tech: Microsoft is releasing five too many versions of its new OS

  • six freakin’ versions of Windows 7. Sigh.
  • one freakin’ version of Mac OSX 10.5. Just sayin’. source

24 Jan 2009 01:55


Tech: A few top Mac milestones to note

  • They made the mouse cool At launch, the Mac was the first popular mass-produced computer that didn’t rely on keyboard commands to do everything. It focused on that clicking device that’s been a staple of computers ever since – the mouse. (Though they did hold onto that one-button thing for 24 years too long.)
  • Popularizing GUIs Remember a time where you had to enter commands for a computer at a prompt? Of course you don’t. And if you did, you’re old. It’s because of the Mac that graphical user interfaces are now the way that people deal with computers. They borrowed it from Xerox, sure, but they also made it their own, before Microsoft stole it.
  • First major Super Bowl AdTo launch the computer, Apple went bold, with a Orwellian vision of the future driving their first major commercial – a Ridley Scott-directed masterpiece that ushered in an era where the Super Bowl is just as much about the commercials as it is about who’s winning the dang game. source