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03 Dec 2011 18:00


Tech: Could Mozilla’s Firefox lose its biggest funding source: Google?

  • growth Over the years, Mozilla’s open-source Firefox browser grew from nothing to provide a solid secondary option to Microsoft’s once-dominant Internet Explorer. It funded itself in large part from a multi-year deal it made with Google to make their search the default, allowing Mozilla to grow quickly.
  • hindrance However, since they made the last deal in 2008, a strange thing started happening — Google created a browser of its own, Chrome, that quickly ate its own share of the market. It’s now tied with or ahead of Firefox. So … will Google renew the deal with Mozilla? Do they need to? source

08 Jun 2010 11:21


Tech: Mozilla dude on Apple’s HTML5 demos: “Not intellectually honest”

  • Apple’s messaging is clearly meant to say ‘hey, we love the web’ but the actual demos they have and the fact that actively block other browsers from those demos don’t match their messaging. It’s not intellectually honest at all.
  • Mozilla evangelist Christopher Blizzard • Regarding a series of technical demos Apple put on their site to test HTML5. While the demos are cool – we particularly dig the font one – we were surprised to find out that the demos didn’t work on Firefox OR Chrome, despite the fact that most of the features were supported by both browsers. In case you don’t want to change browsers but want to test out the technology, here’s a version without the Steve-block. They still work, guys, strangely enough. source

30 Jun 2009 22:30


Tech: Firefox 3.5 is out. Is it quality or junk? Ars Technica weighs in.

  • The Firefox 3.5 release builds on the browser’s existing strengths to offer a high-quality user experience with a lot of rich new functionality.
  • Ars Technica writer Ryan Paul • Explaining why Firefox 3.5 is a major step forward for not only the browser itself but the Web in general. Simply put, it doesn’t suck. Less simply put, it offers significant speed increases, private browsing, HTML 5 video standards, drop shadows, interface upgrades and other awesome stuff. But you STILL can’t drag JPG files into Photoshop without a big error box coming up. What the heck, Mozilla? That’s a big problem. • source

21 Apr 2009 22:54


Tech: Could Firefox be moving away from the tabbed browsing format?

As we somehow manage to have about 50 tabs open at any time, we get the impression that they know what they’re doing. source

12 Mar 2009 10:45


Tech: Microsoft says IE8 is faster than Firefox and Chrome. Yeah, right.

See, they put together giant chart to prove it, guys! It’s a chart! It must be true! source