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28 May 2010 11:48


Offbeat, Tech: Opera is faster than a potato, but does it really matter?

  • Google Chrome’s impressive browser tests were very ripe for a parody, and Opera has heeded the call with this awesome ad, which tries to see whether Opera is faster than a potato. (Spolier alert: Yes.) Nice execution, dudes.

15 Apr 2010 09:15


Tech: Despite sucking terribly, Opera Mini gets a ton of downloads

  • 1 million downloads of a crap iPhone browser in its first full day source

14 Apr 2010 09:43


Tech, World: Protip to Web-censored countries: Use Opera. No, really

  • 32% of people in Kazakhstan use Opera for browsing source
  • » Why Opera, anyway?: Well, Opera has this Turbo Browsing mode that goes through a proxy. The feature is intended to make Web browsing faster, but has the side effect of getting around the country’s censorship law, which passed last year. Too bad the iPhone app sucks.

13 Apr 2010 10:58


Tech: The reason Opera Mini was approved for the iPhone? It sucks. Badly.

  • Opera Mini: like VNC-ing from your iPhone to a Motorola Razr with a really fast connection.
  • Panic developer Neven Mrgan • Saying what needed to be said about the browser. It’s a fast, zippy browser, but as Harry McCracken notes, it makes Safari look that much better in comparison. In fact, we’d argue it’s ugly. It also makes ShortFormBlog look like it was built in 1997 by people who hadn’t heard of CSS. If we’d paid for it, we’d want our money back. We still might ask for it, even. source

12 Apr 2010 21:08


Tech: High-fives all around for the makers of Opera Mini for the iPhone

  • Hell froze over, boys. Our good friends at Opera, who ballsily submitted a Web browser (i.e. direct competition) to the good folks at Apple for the iPhone App Store, actually got it approved. Which was beyond unexpected based on Apple’s recent track record. Maybe Apple isn’t made of stone after all. Will a mobile version of Firefox be next? source

12 Apr 2010 09:58


Tech: Update: Opera’s iPhone app (unsurprisingly) not approved yet

  • 20 days and counting for the
    Web browser, kids source

23 Mar 2010 10:25


Tech: Opera decides to have fun with their iPhone app’s uncertain state

  • Opera Mini for iPhone submitted today. When do you think Apple will approve it?
  • Opera’s official Twitter account, @opera • Regarding their playing with fire and submitting their Opera iPhone app, which would directly compete with Mobile Safari to some degree (though they’ve been careful to note the differences in speed and approach). Opera is being downright clever about this, creating a contest where people suggest when the app will be approved by Apple, and giving away an iPhone to the winner. Clever bastards. Might as well have fun with uncertainty. source

10 Feb 2010 09:45


Tech: Opera plays with fire, creates iPhone version of its Web browser

  • Well, this seems like a rejected app waiting to happen. Opera, the creators of a not-terrible also-ran Web browser, have created a version of the app for the iPhone which makes Web sites load really fast due to compression technology. Problem is, Apple has notoriously blocked apps that duplicate the phone’s basic functionality. This oughta be fun to watch. source

08 Aug 2009 18:16


Tech: Beyond Firefox, Safari and Chrome: Web browsers worth using

You’re a loner, Dottie, a rebel. As a result, you use a Web browser out of the mainstream. CNet checks them out. Their thought? It’s no contest. Opera wins. source

16 Jun 2009 12:22


Tech: Opera’s world-changing thing, Unite, might actually change the world

Much credit to Opera: Unite actually sounds like a brilliant idea and might get them elusive market share. source