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19 Nov 2010 10:17


World: Explosive device turns out to be security-testing “test device”

  • good A U.S. security company, looking to test an airline route, put a “test bag” that looked like a bomb on a plane recently.
  • better The bag worked. Airport security officials noticed the suspect device almost immediately, and did their jobs.
  • bad The bag was the one involved in this mess, which annoyed the piss out of hundreds of Nambian travelers. source

18 Nov 2010 10:27


World: Suspicious device found on flight headed to Germany

  • OK, who tried to bring the bomb on the flight from Nambia to Munich? Germany, already on high alert after warnings of a potential terror attack, had good reason to worry: A suitcase with a fuse, clock and wires was found with the cargo on a plane headed from Windhoek, Nambia to one of Germany’s largest cities. Eventually, the 296 inconvenienced passengers were allowed to take their flight – but without their luggage in the cargo bin. Hope they brought most of their stuff on carry-on. source

03 Dec 2009 10:23


Culture: Anyone hate babies as much as we do? If so, don’t watch this trailer

  • It’s like “Look Who’s Talking” for the indie set. A documentary on babies shot in four different global locales, this movie strikes us as kinda cute in that rip-hair-out-our-skulls kind of way. Two minutes of this is OK, but could you imagine an hour and a half of these babies?