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11 Sep 2010 10:56


Offbeat: Because we’re not purrfect: Here are two cats we missed

  • Also, Here’s how to find the cat photos! First of all, the cats (from left Lil’Bit and Kirara) above come from friend of the site Megan Lavey, and somehow we missed them. We apologize profrusely. Want to find these and the rest of Catstravaganza’s photos? Head here. Also, we’ll be keeping a link to the CatFormBlog site design on the top of the page for the next few days. Sometime next week we’ll move the posts to the Offbeat section, which is about to get flooded by kittens. Anyway, we’ll get all serious after this post. Promise!

10 Sep 2010 12:27


Cats!: Catstravaganza: The cutest photo we’ve received this year

  • Paul Wallen’s lovely cats are basically balled up in a ball of cuteness. We wish we could be this cute, but instead we’re just annoying. Wallen also sent us this photo last year.

15 Aug 2010 22:56


Offbeat: Pillow fight! German flight attendants cooler than U.S. ones

  • No chutes here. This lovely German flight attendant (she flies with Lufthansa) watched as her pillow-throwing job turned into a hilarious pillow fight. In the U.S. she would’ve grabbed two beers and gone down a chute. In Germany, they can laugh. Laugh! And laugh some more.

15 May 2010 20:34


Culture: After 36 years, Hello Kitty’s popularity finally waning

And thank God for that. That cat is absolutely terrifying. source

18 Jan 2010 11:25


Offbeat: Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl”: Keep your hands off my mama!

  • It’s a contest looking for a winner. Doritos’ 2010 “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, which picks winners from the likes of YouTube, produced this funny face-slappin’ cute kid clip, along with a bunch of others. It’s crunch time. source

26 Dec 2009 10:51


Offbeat: Here’s a Jesus banana peel, for our sake as much as yours

23 Dec 2009 21:39


Politics: “Barry from D.C.” gives Tim Kaine a cutesy Christmas wish

  • Aww, it’s a love-in! Departing Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine’s closest confidante in D.C., Barack Obama, gave Kaine a call yesterday, referring to himself as “Barry from D.C.” It’s a too-cute-for-words moment that the right is going to try to find a reason to jump all over.

13 Dec 2009 11:31


Offbeat: Meet the ukulele-playing kid taking the Internet by storm

  • Who cares if the kid knows the words? He knows the chords to Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” and that’s really all that matters. Our hearts are warmed like nothing else.

03 Dec 2009 10:23


Culture: Anyone hate babies as much as we do? If so, don’t watch this trailer

  • It’s like “Look Who’s Talking” for the indie set. A documentary on babies shot in four different global locales, this movie strikes us as kinda cute in that rip-hair-out-our-skulls kind of way. Two minutes of this is OK, but could you imagine an hour and a half of these babies?

10 Oct 2009 13:40


Offbeat: Will someone think of the guinea pigs? They need rescue, too

In L.A., there’s a rescue group for guinea pigs. Because, well, someone needs to protect them from becoming … uh, guinea pigs. source