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10 Jun 2011 14:12


World: Blame bean sprouts: Source of E.coli outbreak finally found

  • The whole thing is a big scandal. People were very unsettled. Every day something difference was announced. Now I hear on the radio that it was the sprouts. But people were living buying less fruit. That is simply insane.
  • Riza Cetinkaya, a grocery store worker in Germany • It seems like German officials have finally found the source of the deadly E coli outbreak that’s been sweeping Germany, and it’s not the Spanish cucumber. The virus bacterium is coming from bean sprouts produced at an organic farm in Germany. They’re almost positive they’ve found the right source this time, and they’ve stopped the farm from producing anything until they get it figured out. However, lab tests have given them nothing but negatives on the sprouts … so they still don’t know how it happened to begin with. Definitely a story we’re going to keep watching. source

15 Aug 2010 22:56


Offbeat: Pillow fight! German flight attendants cooler than U.S. ones

  • No chutes here. This lovely German flight attendant (she flies with Lufthansa) watched as her pillow-throwing job turned into a hilarious pillow fight. In the U.S. she would’ve grabbed two beers and gone down a chute. In Germany, they can laugh. Laugh! And laugh some more.

13 Feb 2010 14:26


Tech: Hoaxsters play on Europeans’ fears of Google Street View

  • Google’s got a LOT of PR problems right now. Some of them are legitimate (see Google Buzz), others are simply a side effect of the company’s size. But the fact of the matter is, this hoax, plotted last week while we were complaining about the snow, is pretty dang funny. The car is fake. So is the rage. But the undercurrent is definitely real. source

13 Feb 2010 14:12


Culture: In Germany, cribbing from books not plagiarism, but a “remix”

  • Obviously, it isn’t completely clean but, for me, it doesn’t change my appraisal of the text. I believe it’s part of the concept of the book.
  • Book critic Volker Weidermann • Regarding the fate of 17-year-old Helene Hegemann’s “Axolotl Roadkill,” a highly-praised German book. The problem with the book? Many passages are apparently plagiarized by another author. However, she claims it wasn’t plagiarism, but a remix of old ideas made new. Despite the controversy brought on by the blogosphere, the Leipzig Book Fair put the book up for a $20,000 prize, knowing about the plagiarism. Kaavya Viswanathan should’ve used that excuse back in 2006. source

19 Mar 2009 10:16


World: Correction on German school shooting

  • The online transcripts were fake. The shooting, which we most recently reported on last night, initially centered around an online chat that the shooter, Tim Kretschmer, allegedly had with a friend the night before. This was fabricated by someone on the Internet. We apologize for the inconvenience. source