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15 Aug 2010 21:04


Tech: The iPad wasn’t Apple’s original tablet; that was 31 years ago

  • In 1979, Apple released the monstrosity to the left. The graphics tablet, which is akin to carving out words in stone compared to something like a modern Wacom tablet, required you to put a special card into your Apple ][ desktop to use it, and even then only worked with a handful of programs. Neat little bit of history. source

11 Sep 2009 13:32


Sports: You have dysentery: A brief “Oregon Trail” history of the NFL.

  • Best part about this video? It perfectly captures the feelings of every jaded NFL fan. And it does it in 8 bits.

13 Mar 2009 00:52


Culture: The Woz is suffering for his “Dancing With the Stars” art

  • Karina wanted me to drive in cars and not use the Segway. After first opposing this, I came around. I have seen a lot of things to know that I can trust her. I’m glad that I have largely switched to car travel now.
  • Steve Wozniak • On taking a break from using a Segway to travel around everywhere after he fractured his stupid foot while dancing. Oh, and in case you want to vote for his terrible dancing abilities, check out his official Facebook group. • source

09 Feb 2009 10:16


Culture: “Dancing With the Stars” thinks Steve Wozniak is a star

The Apple co-founder (and Kathy Griffin ex) will a cut a rug this season. source