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04 Dec 2011 22:57


U.S.: Scandal-plagued megachurch leader Eddie Long steps aside, for now

  • The church needs a cleansing. I’m real disappointed. He was a man we all looked up to.
  • Valencia Miller, a former worshipper at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta • Discussing church leader Eddie Long’s decision to stop preaching at the influential megachurch temporarily, in the wake of a sex scandal involving five young male parishioners, a settlement, and the subsequent announcement that his wife was seeking a divorce. Vanessa Long made the announcement Thursday, wavered Friday, then wavered back that same day. Now Eddie Long is taking a break. For parishioners like Miller, they hope Long (who long preached against homosexuality, making the allegations even more troublesome) leaves the church for good. source

29 Sep 2010 02:53


U.S.: Bishop Eddie Long accuser: “You Are a Monster.” Whoa

  • That man cannot look me in the eye and tell me we did not live this pain. While you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it, you can’t say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man. You are a monster.
  • Accuser Jamal Parris • Choosing to go forward to the media in the wake of the lawsuit. A reporter traveled all the way from Georgia to Colorado to talk to Parris, and well, there is A LOT HERE. This 23-year-old sounds like he’s been through the wringer. “I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head,” he said. “I cannot forget the smell of his cologne and I cannot forget the way that he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home.” Whether or not he’s telling the truth, this has to make it harder to stick behind Long. source

22 Sep 2010 11:06


U.S.: Bishop Eddie Long’s allegations shocking, contradictory

It’s weird when some of the staunchest anti-homosexuality figures are accused of homosexuality. Megachurch leader Bishop Eddie Long could be in huge trouble. source

01 Feb 2009 16:11


U.S.: Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn: Look at the future with “new eyes, no grudges”