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13 Jan 2011 09:22


U.S.: How extreme are Illinois’ huge state tax increases, guys?

  • 67% the size of Illinois’ tax increase, quickly pushed through this week by some lame ducks
  • 5% the current tax rate, up from 3 percent – a change retroactive to January 1st
  • $3,300 the amount you’ll have to pay in state taxes now if you had to pay $2,200 before source

11 Jan 2011 21:37


U.S.: Illinois about to become sixteenth state without death penalty

  • then Since January of 2000, Illinois hasn’t executed anybody on death row, because it was discovered that the state executed people later found to be innocent.
  • now In a slow-coming-but-now-here move, Pat Quinn is about to sign legislation abolishing the death penalty in the state. They’ll be joining 15 states and DC. source

20 Feb 2009 13:22


U.S.: New Illinois governor: Yeah, Burris should resign

  • He will always be held in high regard by the people for making this decision. The common good is really what we have to focus on today.
  • Gov. Patrick Quinn • regarding a potential resignation by Illinois senator Roland Burris, who’s been a pretty entertaining dramabomb unto himself lately. • source

01 Feb 2009 16:11


U.S.: Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn: Look at the future with “new eyes, no grudges”