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05 Dec 2011 10:53


World: Julian Assange gets one last change to fight extradition

The Wikileaks leader has 14 days to make his case in front of the British Supreme Court (regarding a single technicality). This is his final lifeline — if this falls through, he heads to Sweden to face sexual assault charges. source

02 Nov 2011 10:27


World: Wikileaks: UK court says Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden

The leader of Wikileaks has been fighting his extradition (on sexual abuse charges) for roughly a year, and the decision is a major setback. Assange plans appeal to the UK’s highest court. source

08 Feb 2011 11:14


World: Assange extradition trial pulls out the “biased against men” card

  • Well, that’s one way to win your extradition trial, Julian Assange. In what might be one of the more unlikely legal tactics out there, the WIkileaks founder’s defense team flew in former Swedish appellate court judge Brita Sundberg-Weitman to rip on the prosecutor in the case against Assange. Why? Because Sundberg-Weitman is willing to say in a court of law that prosecutor Marianne Ny has a “rather biased view against men.” Oh, and there’s more: “She seems to take it for granted that everybody under prosecution is guilty. I think she is so preoccupied with the situation of battered women and raped women that she has lost balance.” Damn. How about them apples? source

07 Dec 2010 10:44


World: Will Julian Assange be getting bailed out of jail anytime soon?

  • NO he will have to stay in custody until at least December 14 source

07 Dec 2010 08:38


World: Julian Assange’s extradition for sex crimes not ensured, BTW

  • 21 days for a British court to decide whether to extradite him source
  • » And if they do decide to extradite him: His lawyer, Mark Stephens, says that Assange plans to fight against it. The extradition process is designed as an easy transfer between Britain and Sweden, by the way.

06 Dec 2010 20:48


World: Julian Assange works with authorities, keeps them at arm’s length

  • yeah … Julian Assange, currently in the U.K., agreed to meet with British police about his legal situation in Sweden, which wants to extradite him. He has not been arrested and his people are the moment cooperating with the authorities.
  • … but Our boy’s lawyers have been fighting tooth-and-nail for him, trying to get him as sweetheart a deal as they possibly can. It might be hard with rape charges, though. (His lawyers deny that Sweden has actually charged him.) source

12 Jul 2010 10:05


Culture: Should people be upset with the Swiss over Roman Polanski?

Extraditing Roman Polanski not in Swiss national interests -which are tax dodging, nazi gold and rapist harboring apparently.Mon Jul 12 13:27:47 via web

  • This is probably what a lot of people are thinking about Switzerland’s decision to let Roman Polanski run free again. The Swiss have a tendency of neutrality, and it’s put them into odd situations like this in the past. Should be fun to watch what happens next.

12 Jul 2010 09:57


Culture: Will Roman Polanski get extradited to the United States?

  • NO the Swiss decided to make him a free man again source

20 Oct 2009 10:33


Culture: Roman Polanski, a “high flight risk”? Pssh, whatever!

  • Guess he’s not leaving jail anytime soon. The director who famously skipped out on statutory rape charges by moving to France won’t be able to try a similar trick in Switzerland. The Swiss court has chosen not to allow the director bail due to his long history of, uh, moving to countries where he can’t get extradited. And as you might guess, Polanski is depressed and in an “unsettled state of mind” behind bars. source

27 Sep 2009 10:33


Culture: Roman Polanski’s been avoiding extradition for a long time now

  • 31 years since Polanski fled the U.S. out of fear he was going to jail for statutory rape; he’s lived in France most of that time
  • 76 age of the director, who has dealt with a lot of weird stuff in his life, including the Manson family murdering his wife, Sharon Tate source