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08 Feb 2011 11:14


World: Assange extradition trial pulls out the “biased against men” card

  • Well, that’s one way to win your extradition trial, Julian Assange. In what might be one of the more unlikely legal tactics out there, the WIkileaks founder’s defense team flew in former Swedish appellate court judge Brita Sundberg-Weitman to rip on the prosecutor in the case against Assange. Why? Because Sundberg-Weitman is willing to say in a court of law that prosecutor Marianne Ny has a “rather biased view against men.” Oh, and there’s more: “She seems to take it for granted that everybody under prosecution is guilty. I think she is so preoccupied with the situation of battered women and raped women that she has lost balance.” Damn. How about them apples? source