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12 Jul 2010 10:05


Culture: Should people be upset with the Swiss over Roman Polanski?

Extraditing Roman Polanski not in Swiss national interests -which are tax dodging, nazi gold and rapist harboring apparently.Mon Jul 12 13:27:47 via web

  • This is probably what a lot of people are thinking about Switzerland’s decision to let Roman Polanski run free again. The Swiss have a tendency of neutrality, and it’s put them into odd situations like this in the past. Should be fun to watch what happens next.

12 Jul 2010 10:00


12 Jul 2010 09:57


Culture: Will Roman Polanski get extradited to the United States?

  • NO the Swiss decided to make him a free man again source

26 Nov 2009 10:21


Culture: Roman Polanski’s thankful for doing house arrest in style


  • This Swiss-chalet-shaped thing is probably gonna be Roman Polanski’s version of prison after this whole paying-bail mess is over. It’s so nice that he’ll probably have no desire to flee – which is probably why they’re gonna let him do it. source

25 Nov 2009 11:31


Culture: Roman Polanski just allowed to Polanski himself bail

  • He’s waiting to bail himself out for now, based on appeals. Roman Polanski’s stay in jail may end once again, after a Swiss court said screw it and allowed him bail. Said bail won’t be cheap: It’s the equivalent of $4.5 million. But who knows? Maybe the infamous flight risk will consider that before he flies off again. source

14 Nov 2009 11:01


Tech: Google’s street view: Not blurry enough for the Swiss

  • Haven’t you Swiss jerks caused enough trouble? First, you totally flip the neutrality switch and arrest Roman Polanski and now you’re going to claim that Google’s Street View isn’t blurry enough and doesn’t obscure faces and that sort of thing very well? You know, Switzerland, in America, we like our diminished privacy with a side of bacon. And some of the best home fries you’ve ever eaten. In a diner that used to be an IHOP until someone decided that it wasn’t good enough to be an IHOP and took away the franchise rights. We don’t complain about blurriness. Neither should you. source

20 Oct 2009 10:33


Culture: Roman Polanski, a “high flight risk”? Pssh, whatever!

  • Guess he’s not leaving jail anytime soon. The director who famously skipped out on statutory rape charges by moving to France won’t be able to try a similar trick in Switzerland. The Swiss court has chosen not to allow the director bail due to his long history of, uh, moving to countries where he can’t get extradited. And as you might guess, Polanski is depressed and in an “unsettled state of mind” behind bars. source

14 Oct 2009 23:14


Culture: Jail can’t keep Roman Polanski from making movies

  • Whether the film can rise above the circumstances in which the director now finds himself I don’t know. We will test to the upper limits the notion that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.
  • Writer Robert Harris • Who is working with Roman Polanski on the upcoming film “The Ghost.” Harris says that while Polanski doesn’t have a phone, he can communicate and make decisions about the film while he’s fighting extradition. He’s totally using Skype, isn’t he? • source

29 Sep 2009 09:46


Culture: Roman Polanski to Swiss: Will you guys let me go? Please?

  • The director’s hoping for leniency. Roman Polanski submitted an application to a a Swiss court today asking to be let go. He’s willing to have limitations set on his freedom. The court will decide in the next few weeks whether to let him go. Man, if they let him go after all the fuss they made about capturing him … that would be a #)&!storm. source

28 Sep 2009 20:35


Culture: So, why didn’t they arrest Roman Polanski a long time ago?

  • Critics say they had their chances. People following the director’s long, crazy road to arrest don’t understand the timing of Polanski’s capture. It wasn’t like he had never been to Switzerland. In fact, he had a home there and openly traveled to the country. But authorities claim it was a matter of knowing when he was going to be there, but they hadn’t been scoping him out closely. source