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03 Oct 2011 09:26


U.S.: This year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine co-winner died three days ago

  • Friday Ralph Steinman, a senior physician at Rockefeller University noted for his research into dendritic cells, dies after suffering from pancreatic cancer for the past four years. A big loss for the world of medicine.
  • Monday The Nobel Prize Committee awards the Nobel Price for Medicine. Steinman won for his research into the immune system. They don’t give out prizes posthumously. The Nobel folks didn’t know. source

17 Sep 2011 14:18


Culture: Strange timing: Two daughters of high-profile politicians die in same week

  • Kennedy Friday, Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted, died while at a DC-area health club. It was announced Saturday. She was just 51. A former lung cancer sufferer, her brother Patrick, a former congressman himself, thinks that the cancer (which she beat a number of years ago) took a long-term toll on her. “Her heart gave out,” he said.
  • Mondale Meanwhile, Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of Walter, died Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer. She was also just 51. A former TV broadcaster, she was noted for her high-profile personal life: She once dated Warren Zevon and Arnold Schwarzenegger and was married to Minneapolis rocker Chan Poling at the time of her death. source
  • » Correction: Kara Kennedy died on Friday night, not Saturday as previously reported. It was announced Saturday, however. Apologies. The article reflects the change.

01 Sep 2011 21:48


Politics: New York Times: Obama’s scheduling fight with Boehner embarrassing

  • The contemptuous reaction from the House speaker, John Boehner, to the president’s request to address a joint session next Wednesday — the day Congress returns from its summer recess — was appalling. No matter how he feels about Mr. Obama personally or politically, there can be no excuse for his lack of respect for the office, to which he is second in the line of succession. And it was distressing to watch President Obama fail, once again, to stand up to an opposition that won’t brook the smallest compromise.
  • The New York Times Editorial Board • In a piece titled “Oh, Grow Up,” on the infighting between Obama and Boehner over the timing of the president’s speech on jobs. To put it simply, we’re with them. Especially on this particular point: “Worse, the vital importance of the speech — and the need for Congress to take its full responsibility for creating jobs and reviving the economy — was upstaged by yet another Washington soap opera.” God, it’s like Washington breaks a little more with each passing day. source

30 Aug 2011 10:20


World: Weird timing: Gaddafi’s only daughter gives birth in Algeria

Aisha Gaddafi, referred to as the “Claudia Schiffer” of the Arab region in this CNN article, reportedly just gave birth a day after leaving Libya with her mom. She lost a daughter during a NATO airstrike in April. source

23 Feb 2010 10:01


Politics: The NYT’s killer sense of timing wins it some Brownie points

Yesterday, Scott Brown left many on the right wondering where he was coming from. Today, the NYT previews its Magazine piece: “Where Scott Brown is Coming From.” Nice. source

28 Sep 2009 20:35


Culture: So, why didn’t they arrest Roman Polanski a long time ago?

  • Critics say they had their chances. People following the director’s long, crazy road to arrest don’t understand the timing of Polanski’s capture. It wasn’t like he had never been to Switzerland. In fact, he had a home there and openly traveled to the country. But authorities claim it was a matter of knowing when he was going to be there, but they hadn’t been scoping him out closely. source

09 Sep 2009 20:13


Tech: Dear Palm: Don’t announce things ahead of Apple events

  • -8% stock dip after announcing the Pixi today of all days source

03 Jul 2009 02:26


U.S.: Speaking of Texas police, they’re smarting over a Fort Worth gay bar raid