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17 Sep 2011 14:18


Culture: Strange timing: Two daughters of high-profile politicians die in same week

  • Kennedy Friday, Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted, died while at a DC-area health club. It was announced Saturday. She was just 51. A former lung cancer sufferer, her brother Patrick, a former congressman himself, thinks that the cancer (which she beat a number of years ago) took a long-term toll on her. “Her heart gave out,” he said.
  • Mondale Meanwhile, Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of Walter, died Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer. She was also just 51. A former TV broadcaster, she was noted for her high-profile personal life: She once dated Warren Zevon and Arnold Schwarzenegger and was married to Minneapolis rocker Chan Poling at the time of her death. source
  • » Correction: Kara Kennedy died on Friday night, not Saturday as previously reported. It was announced Saturday, however. Apologies. The article reflects the change.

31 Aug 2011 11:28


Offbeat: Arkansas homeowner spots burglars — while flying overhead

  • Lesson of the day to burglars: Just because a homeowner isn’t home doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a killer home security system. Even if, in the case of Arkansas resident Steven Lynn, the “home security system” was totally unintentional and he was simply taking aerial photos of his home … in a plane. From a vantage point that allowed him to call 911 so the cops could arrest the two dudes attempting to steal his stuff. source

22 Aug 2011 21:08


Music: A duo of songwriting duos lose half their duo; single unrelated duo left

  • Leiber Jerry Leiber, the Leiber of Leiber & Stoller, died Monday at age 78. He and Mike Stoller wrote such noteworthy songs as “Hound Dog,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Yakety Yak.” Elvis Presley recorded many of their songs.
  • Ashford Also Monday, Nick Ashford of Motown duo Ashford & Simpson died at 70. He and Valerie Simpson wrote such hits as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing.” Two duos, two deaths, one day. source

18 Feb 2011 19:47


Music: Hey, guess who Smashing Pumpkins’ new bassist is?

  • One of these two girls may be Nicole Fiorentino: Fiorentino recently became the band’s new bassist, and Billy Corgan claimed on Twitter after she joined, she revealed that she was one of the girls in the above album that anyone worth their salt in 1993 owned. (“Today” still sounds just as good many days later.) She said that she held the info back out of fear it would cost her the gig. Anyway, because Rolling Stone likes bursting bubbles, they got a hold of the photographer involved in this shot, who claims that Fiorentino, 31, was too old for the photo. Even though they claim this, she looks almost exactly like the girl on the right. WE WANT TO BELIEVE. source

05 Jan 2011 10:59


U.S.: “Lost” numbers could’ve netted you piece of Mega Millions jackpot

  • $150 made by picking 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 source
  • » Oh yeah, the full jackpot: The winning numbers – 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and 42 – scored two lucky dudes (in Idaho and Washington, separately) a split of the $355 million Mega Millions prize. We knew we should’ve bought a lotto ticket last night.