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13 Aug 2010 00:56


World: Hundreds of Tamil refugees are on a boat (against their will)

  • 500 Tamils were found on a boat near British Columbia source
  • » Wait a second … Yes, you read that right. British Columbia. Somehow the Tamils, reportedly being held there by terrorists and criminals, were brought all the way to Canada. From Sri Lanka. Remember that war they had where all those Tamils got killed? Here’s what the Tamil Tigers are doing now. Reportedly trafficking humans.

21 May 2010 11:29


World: Sri Lanka may have violated human rights in Tamil Tigers conflict

  • Two human rights groups reportedly have the goods on them. A year after the end of a longstanding civil war in Sri Lanka, both Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group are suggesting there’s evidence that the Sri Lankan army brutalized men, women, and children in an attempt to end a 30-year war. In HRW’s case, they have photos that we don’t want to see. Sri Lanka’s government dismisses the claims. source

21 Nov 2009 10:46


World: Sri Lanka’s ready to let go of thousands of displaced Tamils

  • 130,000 Tamils could be released source

26 Oct 2009 21:31


World: Sri Lanka’s feeling pressure over abuses in Tamil Tiger war

  • 280,000 people are still in camps source

19 Oct 2009 09:34


Biz, World: From insider trading directly into the Tamil Tigers’ pocket?

  • Raj Rajaratnam gave as much as $5 million to a Tamil organization. The Sri Lankan-born billionaire at the center of the insider trading scandal on Wall Street may have helped the now-defeated Tamil Tigers on the side. U.S. records show that Rajaratnam gave $5 million to the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, and that money could have made its way to the Tigers. Which, if true, could complicate his saintly reputation in his homeland. source

23 May 2009 12:07


Culture, World: M.I.A. calls out clothing companies with Sri Lankan ties

  • first Since the end of the war in Sri Lanka (and heck, even during it), M.I.A. has been outspoken against human rights abuses happening there – and has strongly supported the Tamil rebels who lost.
  • second The pop star took to her Twitter feed to inform her 30,000+ readers of clothing companies who produce clothes in Sri Lanka – and many of them are brands you wear, like Nike and Ralph Lauren. source

18 May 2009 09:57


World: The Tamil Tigers’ leader was killed, Sri Lanka sez

  • history Velupillai Prabhakaran founded the Tamil Tigers, who have been the spark point for a lengthy civil war in Sri Lanka. The Tigers are considered a terrorist organization in 32 countries.
  • defeat Prabhakaran apparently was killed while attempting to run. After 30-plus years, the Tigers agreed to rest their arms this weekend, effectively ending the longest civil war in Asia. source

17 May 2009 02:35


World: Sri Lanka’s claiming victory. The Tamil Tigers are suicide bombing.

  • Suicide explosions are taking place. Suicide cadres are coming in front of troops in the frontline and exploding themselves.
  • Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara • A military spokesman, on the current status of the longest war in modern Asian history, which Sri Lanka has finally claimed victory in. The LTTE, or the Tamil Tigers, has been conditioned to commit suicide before surrendering, which explains the suicide bombings. The Tamils likely knew this moment was coming, basically begging for a cease-fire a couple of weeks ago. • source

03 May 2009 10:25


World: Sri Lanka aims its barbs at the West in its Tamil Tigers fight

  • Never did history unmask the hypocrisy and the sanctimony of the Western powers than (it has in) their behavior towards Sri Lanka during recent times.
  • The Sri Lankan Defense Ministry • In a post on their web site. The ministry complained of Western nations putting pressure on them to cease-fire in their assault on the Tamil Tigers, who they have close to defeat. Much of the attention on the conflict has focused on the huge amounts of civilians caught in the crossfire, rather than the conflict itself. • source

12 Apr 2009 09:39


World: Sri Lanka calls a temporary halt on its Tamil Tiger conflict

  • The halt will allow civilians to leave the warzone. Sri Lanka, who has been in conflict with the Tamil Tigers longer than M.I.A. has been alive, has been facing increased international scrutiny (and heavy protests from Tamils abroad) for its military push to force the Tigers into defeat, because it’s come at the cost of large civilian casualties. The cease-fire would allow civilians just enough time to escape so they aren’t in the crossfire. source