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29 Nov 2011 20:01


World: Ex-Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo in International Criminal Court custody

Gbagbo, who lost an election last year but only ceded power by force, is heading to The Hague as we speak, charged with crimes against humanity as a result of violence that broke out after that election. source

13 Sep 2011 16:30


World: Libya’s Mustafa Abdel Jalil responds to Amnesty International

  • Libyan leader pledges respect for human rights: On Monday, Amnesty International released a report on Libya’s past six months of warfare. It found that while pro-Gaddafi forces committed widespread war crimes, there were also incidences of such crimes within the Libyan rebellion – torture, disappearances, and the mass killing of prisoners among them. The leader of Libya’s interim council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, has responded by vowing the new government will respect human rights (though it won’t be a secular one, as he says Libya will remain a moderate Islamic nation), and pledged to investigate claims of war crimes committed by his own fighters. source

30 Aug 2011 22:29


Politics: Ex-Powell staffer: Cheney fears he’ll be tried for war crimes

  • [Dick Cheney]’s developed an angst and almost a protective cover, and now he fears being tried as a war criminal.
  • Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson • He also contends that Cheney “was president for all practical purposes for the first term of the Bush administration,” something critics have long-alleged. source

26 May 2011 17:30


World: Ratko Mladic arrives at war crimes court in Serbia

  • Ratko Mladic arrives in court: Mladic, one of the most sought-after international figures in the world, was caught today and brought before a court in Serbia for war crimes and genocide, making this a very big day in the world of both international and Serbian justice. Mladic eluded capture for sixteen years. source

16 May 2011 13:05


World: War crimes prosecutor wants to arrest Gaddafi

  • The evidence showed that Gaddafi relied on his inner circle to implement a systematic policy of suppressing any challenge to his authority.
  • Luis Moreno-Ocampo, an international war crimes court’s chief prosecutor • He wants to have Gaddafi arrested for crimes against humanity – namely firing on unarmed civillians. He went on, talking about how Gaddafi killed people in the streets and in their homes, using people in his family to help him enforce his rule. Moreno-Ocampo has been investigating this since the Libyan revolution was only three weeks old. Now a panel of judges will have to approve this request, though it doesn’t mean that Gaddafi’s arrest will come immediately. source

09 Feb 2011 10:31


World: Ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor plays hooky from war crimes trial

YOU SAY I MISSED THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT MY CASE SUMMARY BY THREE WEEKS? Well, I’m just not going to go to the trial today. How about them apples, United Nations? source

09 Aug 2010 09:35


World: Mia Farrow’s blood diamond testimony contradicts Naomi Campbell’s

  • She said in the night she had been awakened by men knocking at her door and they had been sent to her by Charles Taylor, and they had given her a huge diamond.
  • Mia Farrow • Testifying in the war crimes trial against Charles Taylor – you know, the one Naomi Campbell testified at last week. Campbell claimed she was given “dirty little rocks.” But Farrow’s testimony, which completely contradicts Campbell’s on a key fact, could be very dangerous for the supermodel. source

05 Aug 2010 09:57


World: Naomi Campbell’s blood diamond testimony loaded with innuendo

  • I opened the pouch the next morning when I woke up … I saw a few stones in there, they were very small dirty-looking stones.
  • Supermodel Naomi Campbell • Discussing the gift that she took from ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor at a Nelson Mandela dinner party way back in 1997. Twitter is laughing about the “dirty-looking stones” comment, because, well, it’s funny and odd. But what she said could prove damaging to Taylor, because it implicates him in the blood diamond trade. Campbell had no idea (at least at first) that the stones were diamonds, but her testimony contradicts interviews she’s given in the past. source

05 Aug 2010 09:41


26 Jul 2010 09:03


World: Did war crimes tribunal let Khmer Rouge prison-runner off easy?

  • 14k died in a notorious prison run by Kaing Guek Eav, alias Duch
  • 35 number of years he was sentenced for his years-old war crimes
  • 19 number of years Duch will actually face for his crimes source