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01 Sep 2011 10:40


World: War casualties: Iraq War hits historic low, Afghan War hits historic high

  • 4,464 number of U.S. troops that have died in the Iraq War since fighting began in mid-2003; combat operations ended last year, but training and support staff remain
  • zero number of U.S. troops that died in the country in August; the shocking part is that this is literally the first month without a casualty since the start of the war source
  • » Afghan War in sharp contrast: Part of the reason for the lack of troop deaths in Iraq is that the war in Afghanistan has picked up. There, it was a record month where 66 Americans died — a total which was much higher than it would’ve been due to the deadly Chinook helicopter crash that killed 30 highly-specialized troops.

25 Jan 2011 14:39


U.S.: In spite of dangers, police officer deaths declining over time

  • cloud The recent rash of police killings throughout America, claiming the lives of two and wounding at least nine in a 24-hour period.
  • silver lining The casualty rate for police over the last twenty years has been improving, despite the ever-present dangers of the job. source

30 Jul 2010 11:40


World: This month the deadliest ever for U.S. troops in Afghanistan

  • 63 U.S. soldiers died this month, topping June’s record source

27 Nov 2009 09:45


World: An Afghan airstrike leads top German minister Franz Josef Jung to resign

  • He’s the third top official to resign this week. Jung and others were under pressure after a September attack in Afghanistan killed civilians. It came out in local newspaper Bild that Jung and others likely knew of the civilian casualties from the point it happened. Those who resigned all assumed responsibility for the attacks. source

26 Nov 2009 16:00


World: Massive rainfall in Saudi Arabia leaves a large death toll

  • 77+ have died as a result of the floods source

12 Apr 2009 09:39


World: Sri Lanka calls a temporary halt on its Tamil Tiger conflict

  • The halt will allow civilians to leave the warzone. Sri Lanka, who has been in conflict with the Tamil Tigers longer than M.I.A. has been alive, has been facing increased international scrutiny (and heavy protests from Tamils abroad) for its military push to force the Tigers into defeat, because it’s come at the cost of large civilian casualties. The cease-fire would allow civilians just enough time to escape so they aren’t in the crossfire. source

21 Mar 2009 08:56


U.S., World: The Iraq War has had a devestating effect on millions of civilians

  • 4.7 million civilians have been displaced during the war source

10 Jan 2009 09:16


World: The fighting in Gaza takes an untold civilian toll

  • Residents brought them to the hospital in a civilian car, they put them all in the trunk because their bodies were mangled. We identified them a little after separating their bodies in the morgue.
  • Hospital administrator Adham Hakim • on a series of civilian casualties from fighting in the Gaza Strip; Israel has come under fire for the high number of civilian deaths since the fighting campaign started. • source