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08 Jun 2011 16:44


World: Are Syrian soldiers defecting instead of combating protests?

  • The Syrian army vs. security: It’s being reported that defections among soldiers in the Syrian military are on the rise, thanks in part to the grisly nature of the deeds they’re being asked to carry out. So says Human Rights Watch researcher Nadim Houry: “…in Daraa, for example, we know there have been some defections and in some cases some soldiers have come under fire from the security forces for defecting.” This allegation isn’t new; security forces have reportedly turned their guns on soldiers unwilling to shoot at civilians for some time now. (Warning: the source article features a graphically unpleasant image of a Syrian policeman who’s been shot dead.) source

06 Jun 2011 18:07


World: Bloody day in Iraq for Iraqis, U.S. military

  • five American soldiers killed by a rocket attack on a joint Iraqi-U.S. base today, the single deadliest incident for the U.S. military in two years
  • 18 Iraqis killed today in a series of violent incidents — a car-bombing and suicide bombing feared to be the work of al-Qaeda in Iraq source

29 Mar 2011 13:50


World: Gaddafi rachets up violence; explosions in Tripoli

  • explosions heard in libyan capitol: For the first time since the Libyan rebellion began against Muammar Gaddafi, a series of explosions were heard in Tripoli during daylight hours. Reporting indicates there were three loud blasts, over the course of about twenty minutes. This comes amidst generally dire news for the Libyan rebellion, to say nothing of the citizenry; a witness tells CNN that a large scale butchery has gone on in Misrata, with Gaddafi’s forces killing civilians and driving them from their homes in a bid to claim control. source

26 Mar 2010 15:07


World: The U.S. is still accidentally killing Afghan civilians at high rates

  • We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.
  • Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McCrysthal • Regarding deaths of Afghan civilians at checkpoints. Despite stronger rules at checkpoints designed to limit civilian deaths at the hands of the U.S. or NATO, it hasn’t worked. While other changes (particularly the limiting of airstrikes) have led to a 28 percent decrease in civilian deaths, according to United Nations researchers, on-the-ground civilian attacks have turned the tide against the coalition in some cases. source

05 Dec 2009 10:55


World: Militants in Pakistan getting more blatant in their mosque attacks

  • 37+ were killed in a mosque bombing, including many civilians
  • 86+ were injured in the blatant daytime attack in Rawalpindi source

18 Oct 2009 11:09


World: Pakistan’s anti-terrorist battle leads to large Taliban losses

  • 60 Taliban militants were killed in the assault yesterday source

04 Sep 2009 11:51


World: NATO’s attack on hijacked Afghan oil tankers may have hit civilians

  • 90+ people were killed in the airstrike early this morning source

10 Aug 2009 10:27


World: Al-Qaeda’s trying to start stuff in Iraq by ratcheting up attacks

  • 48+ number of people who have died in Iraq from bombings today source

11 May 2009 08:31


World: A designated safe zone in Sri Lanka didn’t prevent civilian deaths

  • 1,000+ civilians got caught in the middle source

03 May 2009 10:25


World: Sri Lanka aims its barbs at the West in its Tamil Tigers fight

  • Never did history unmask the hypocrisy and the sanctimony of the Western powers than (it has in) their behavior towards Sri Lanka during recent times.
  • The Sri Lankan Defense Ministry • In a post on their web site. The ministry complained of Western nations putting pressure on them to cease-fire in their assault on the Tamil Tigers, who they have close to defeat. Much of the attention on the conflict has focused on the huge amounts of civilians caught in the crossfire, rather than the conflict itself. • source