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22 Feb 2010 09:02


World: Oops. Afghan civilians die by mistake in NATO airstrike, again

  • 27 civilians killed by NATO (they were trying to avoid that) source

27 Nov 2009 09:45


World: An Afghan airstrike leads top German minister Franz Josef Jung to resign

  • He’s the third top official to resign this week. Jung and others were under pressure after a September attack in Afghanistan killed civilians. It came out in local newspaper Bild that Jung and others likely knew of the civilian casualties from the point it happened. Those who resigned all assumed responsibility for the attacks. source

19 Jul 2009 10:40


World: A civilian helicopter in Afghanistan crashed during takeoff

  • 16 dead in the helicopter crash; all were civilians source

11 May 2009 03:11


U.S., World: A former U.S. soldier pays for his crimes in Iraq in civilian court

  • The crime In 2006, U.S. soldier Steven Green and two fellow soldiers allegedly went into an Iraqi family’s home. Prosecutors say two soldiers raped a 14-year-old girl, while Green herded other family members into another room and killed them, then later joined his fellow soldiers. The girl was also killed.
  • The controversy After the crimes became public, the Iraqi public became enraged at the brutality of the crimes. The U.S. promised that they would find those soldiers responsible and bring them to justice. Green, who was discharged by then, was arrested after visiting his grandmother in North Carolina. He expected it.
  • The convictionSteven Green was found guilty on all charges on Thursday. He could face the death penalty. Green’s case is different from many in that he was arrested as a civilian, meaning he could be the first ex-U.S. soldier to face the death penalty in a civilian court for war crimes committed during combat. source

12 Apr 2009 09:39


World: Sri Lanka calls a temporary halt on its Tamil Tiger conflict

  • The halt will allow civilians to leave the warzone. Sri Lanka, who has been in conflict with the Tamil Tigers longer than M.I.A. has been alive, has been facing increased international scrutiny (and heavy protests from Tamils abroad) for its military push to force the Tigers into defeat, because it’s come at the cost of large civilian casualties. The cease-fire would allow civilians just enough time to escape so they aren’t in the crossfire. source

21 Mar 2009 08:56


U.S., World: The Iraq War has had a devestating effect on millions of civilians

  • 4.7 million civilians have been displaced during the war source

04 Feb 2009 11:00


World: Fighting in Sri Lanka leaves a devastating toll for civilians

  • They are trapped in a very small area which has come under fighting, and they just have no safe place to go, they cannot escape, and they have lost the means that they need for survival.
  • Sophie Romanens • A Red Cross representative, on the dangers more than 300 hospitalized civilians and 20 staff face after being moved away from the fighting to nearby Puttumatalan. The area has a lack of drinking water and the situation is getting critical for the patients. • source