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13 Feb 2011 12:24


U.S.: Detective who helped catch serial-stabbing suspect: “Just doing my job”

  • I was just doing my job. … It was a crazy day, but I’m thankful that I made it home safe.
  • NYC Detective Marcelo Razzo • Humbly taking credit for his role in stopping serial stabbing suspect Maksim Gelman yesterday morning. Razzo was one of three cops who helped subdue the man suspected in a series of murders, carjackings and assorted other violent acts. Razzo was off-duty – and just happened to be on the train – when he helped stop the suspect, who was dramatically caught on a subway train underneath Times Square. Razzo ran from the third car to the first to help subdue him. Good work. Better response. source

09 Jan 2011 11:03


U.S.: Carlos Castro “scared to sleep” with boyfriend suspected of killing him

  • I’m scared to sleep with him here. I actually changed my flight to go home a couple of days early – this guy’s been acting crazy.
  • Portuguese celebrity journalist Carlos Castro • Speaking to a friend about Renato Seabra, his former lover who he went to NYC with. Castro never made it back home, reportedly dying in a wild fight with Seabra where the 20-year-old reality TV star did some things to him we choose not to repeat. If you want the full details on those, go to the link to New York Daily News, who has less of a squeam factor than we do. As for Seabra, he’s currently being held in a psychiatric facility. This story kind of got buried yesterday in the wake of the Giffords tragedy, but, really, it’s no less shocking – and involves a fairly well-known celebrity in Portugal. source

08 Jan 2011 13:15


U.S., World: Carlos Castro murder: Too many gruesome stories today

  • victim Carlos Castro, a celebrity journalist and gay activist from Portugal who had been staying in New York on holiday. He was found brutally murdered and castrated. (Ugh. Too many disturbing stories today.)
  • suspect Renato Seabra, a 20-year-old model and reality TV star who was staying with Castro. He’s currently getting a psychiatric exam, because, well, who does this to somebody, anyway? source

14 Jul 2010 22:26


World: The wannabe Times Square bomber has his own Talibanesque video

  • The attack on the United States will be a revenge for all the mujahedeen and oppressed Muslims. Eight years have passed since the Afghanistan war and you shall see how the Muslim war has just begun and how Islam will spread across the world.
  • Attempted Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad • Talking in a video shot prior to the attack, which partly aired on Al-Arabiya today. The video appears to be the handiwork of Umar Media, a part of the Pakistan Taliban, which probably explains a lot about the dude’s motives. source

23 Jun 2010 10:44


Culture: Obit: Lady who got a really good kiss after World War II

  • Remember this lady? Remember this kiss? Of course you don’t. You weren’t in Times Square that day; you probably weren’t born. And based on a check of our demographics, you probably didn’t serve in World War II. But the nurse in this famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo, Edith Shain, died Tuesday at 91. This lucky moment was never to be re-kindled. Some random guy, so happy about V-J Day, just came up and kissed her. His identity has never been discovered. If he’s alive, he’s probably thinking about the kiss right now. source

21 Jun 2010 20:34


U.S.: Faisal Shahzad’s guilty plea has a little extra for conspiracy kooks

  • It’s a war. I am part of the answer to the US terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people.
  • Wannabe Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad • Using fighting words during his guilty plea, which he verified 100 times over. He said that if the U.S. didn’t leave Iraq and Afghanistan, “we will be attacking US.” So put that in your pipe and smoke it. The dude can’t even build a proper car bomb! (In other news, we’ve had an open-and-shut terror attempt in the time that the oil spill has been spewing.) source

17 May 2010 22:07


U.S.: Times Square suspect had radical tendencies as far back as 2006

  • Can you tell me a way to save the oppressed? And a way to fight back when rockets are fired at us and Muslim blood flows? In Palestine, Afghan, Iraq, Chechnya and elsewhere.
  • Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad • In a couple of e-mails that CNN acquired. The first e-mail, from 2006, suggests that he had radical tendencies long before he plotted his failed attack. He was frustrated with the way the West treated the Muslim world and as a result was looking for a way to fight back. In 2009, his radicalism was more pronounced. “If you don’t have the right teacher, then Satan should become your sheikh,” he wrote then. A bank soon foreclosed on his home. source

17 May 2010 10:18


Politics: Did the mass media fly over the Nashville floods?

  • You get Tennessee pride and the feeling that if there was looting here, the national media would be all over it. I think that’s unfair, but that’s the way some people view it.
  • Tennessean editor Mark Silverman • Regarding the way that the mainstream media mostly glossed over a huge story – a massive flood in Nashville that killed 30 people. But why? The simple answer is that there were seemingly bigger, more nuanced stories happening that week, and a major flood seems old hat. It’s absolutely the worst way to think about it, but it seemingly couldn’t compete with terrorism (the failed Times Square bombing, where nobody died) or a slightly-more-epic disaster (the BP oil spill). The truth is, though, the story got underplayed by the usual suspects, to the point where Anderson Cooper took his crew down there later in the week and apologized for not getting down there sooner. source

09 May 2010 10:10


U.S., World: Attorney General: Pakistani Taliban behind Times Square plot

  • last week Almost immediately the Pakistani
    Taliban claimed responsibility for
    the failed Times Square attack.
    Then, later, they denied it.
  • “this week” On the Sunday talk show, Attorney
    General Eric Holder pinned the
    attack on them. We’re waiting for a
    reversal of the claim. source

08 May 2010 10:33


Politics: Joe Lieberman’s idea to strip citizenship from terrorists? Clumsy

  • It’s a sad day when Glenn Beck (!) offers a more eloquent defense of constitutional rights than the normally statesmanlike senator from Connecticut.
  • Commentator David Frum • Regarding Joe Lieberman’s suggestion that those who show loyalty and support to terror organizations lose their citizenship. Frum notes in a number of ways why this is a stupid idea, specifically because there’s already legal precedent for this (the 1940 Nationality Act, which was limited in 1967 by the Supreme Court and expanded slightly by Congress) and that legal precedent would mean that the enemy combatant would have to go through a lengthy court case. Bet Lieberman didn’t think of that. source