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13 Feb 2011 12:24


U.S.: Detective who helped catch serial-stabbing suspect: “Just doing my job”

  • I was just doing my job. … It was a crazy day, but I’m thankful that I made it home safe.
  • NYC Detective Marcelo Razzo • Humbly taking credit for his role in stopping serial stabbing suspect Maksim Gelman yesterday morning. Razzo was one of three cops who helped subdue the man suspected in a series of murders, carjackings and assorted other violent acts. Razzo was off-duty – and just happened to be on the train – when he helped stop the suspect, who was dramatically caught on a subway train underneath Times Square. Razzo ran from the third car to the first to help subdue him. Good work. Better response. source

12 Feb 2011 17:10


U.S.: Recap: The NYC serial stabber’s crazed, bloody trail

  • 30 hours – the period key suspect Maksim Gelman was on the run
  • three people were killed as a result of fatal stabbings in the NYC area; three others were attacked
  • one more person was killed in a hit-and-run accident by the serial stabber while he was trying to escape
  • four cars stolen by the suspect while on the run, including two carjackings
  • many death threats against those who got in Gelman’s crazed way
  • 100’s of police officers were hunting him down the entire time source
  • » A man who went berzerk: Lead suspect Gelman, a 23-year-old from the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn who had a criminal record, reportedly killed his stepfather, his girlfriend and her mother, and proved to be a danger to anyone who got into his way. The situation ended quite dramatically in the subway system, with Gelman hiding in the system, eventually getting on a train near Penn Station, stabbing a man in one of the rail cars, and eventually getting caught by an army of police officers, some with machine guns, under Times Square. What might be a normal episode of “Law & Order” makes for a dramatic, pulse-raising real-life experience.

23 Nov 2010 21:43


U.S.: Don’t let suspect’s acting role overshadow grisly Brooklyn murder

  • He was a very nice kid, a gentle kid. I can’t believe this, man. This is my Thanksgiving.
  • Brooklyn resident Serge Marcel • On the grisly murder of his sister, Yannick Brea. The main suspect in the murder, Michael Brea, is getting a lot of attention because he was in a couple of minor acting roles, including  an episode of “Ugly Betty.” But the murder itself is why this murder case should be getting lots of attention. Brea reportedly asked his mother if she believed in God, then killed her with a machete. She was found decapitated.  He’s being given a psychiatric evaluation and has been charged with second-degree murder. source

16 Sep 2010 20:57


U.S.: Trees fall in Brooklyn: Here’s the crazy tornado that killed one

  • This video is crazy, but not as crazy as the fact that a tornado hit NYC. Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens to be exact. The storm hit fast and had winds as fast as 100 miles per hour. It even affected The King of Queens. “It’s like a war zone out here,” said female Queens resident Gene King. “Trees are down, some houses have come apart.” Hope everyone is OK in NYC tonight. (Thanks @BreakingNews for the video clip.) source

22 Mar 2010 12:31


U.S.: Neat: Everyone in the U.S. could neatly fit into New Hampshire

  • So, if we all lived somewhere with the density of Brooklyn (which is packed, but comfortable), we could all fit into New Hampshire. How cool is that, kids? Kudos to Shane Keaney, who designed this clever graphic as part of a Good Magazine contest. Sadly, some of the graphics are a little messy compared to Shane’s, which does a great job of explaining a very detailed concept in incredibly simple terms. Great job, dude. If we had money, we’d give you a job blogging for us or something. source

19 Mar 2010 11:35


Offbeat: Police keep messing with old couple because their computers suck

If this woman seems annoyed, it’s because she is. NYC police have raided her house 50 times since 2002 for no good reason other than a computer error. source

11 Feb 2010 21:40


Offbeat: New Yorkers once again prove that any crappy apartment will do

This Brooklyn apartment looks kinda nice until you realize it’s 178 square feet. And at $944 a month, it’s probably the best apartment you can get for the price. source

09 Dec 2009 09:35


U.S.: Some crazy lady tried really hard to kill a rival’s baby

  • Forged prescription Kisha Jones of Brooklyn, in an attempt to end the pregnancy of Monique Hunter, who she believed was about to have her husband’s illegitimate baby, reportedly acquired a drug meant to induce labor by acquiring a doctor’s medical pad.
  • Tricked into taking Jones then allegedly pretended to be Hunter’s doctor’s office and called numerous times telling her that she had a prescription she needed to take. Hunter then took the prescription thinking it was hers, had severe abdominal pain, and went into labor.
  • Toxic bottle Despite all of that, the baby survived, but not without another wrinkle. A unidentified man the allegedly dropped off a bottle for the new baby filled with poison. Doctors caught the bottle and called police. “What do you call your act?” “The Aristocrats!” source

29 Sep 2009 22:03


Culture: Craigslist’s Missed Connections are an art in their own right

Missed Connections
  • We saw Sophie Blackall somewhere in Brooklyn. (We missed her.) She was sketching a little piece of heaven called “Missed Connections.” It’s one of those brilliant ideas which was begging to be done. In a few years, expect Blackall’s blog to become a Nora Ephron movie. source

21 Jun 2009 23:46


U.S.: That sucks: An apartment complex in Brooklyn fell. Everyone heard it.

Four were injured when the building fell, and nearby buildings had to be evacuated. Worst part? The owners knew it had structural problems. source