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25 Oct 2011 22:34


Culture: Piling on the “man-child”

  • While we agree this was an avoidable situation, isn’t it a tad demeaning to refer to the guy as a “man-child?” Okay, so he loaded himself into an infant-sized swing, one for which he was clearly too big; this sounds, on the surface, somewhat baby-esque. But he did this to collect on a bet, not just for kicks. That is, there was a financial incentive at play. Also, the lede contends that he was “wailing like a baby,” but the original report just says he was “screaming.” It could have been more of a gruff shout, or perhaps an angry yell, or something else decidedly not baby-esque. So, we think Unnamed Vallejo Man is getting a bit of a bad rap. Especially given the valuable lesson he’s taught us all. source

11 Jul 2011 14:28


Offbeat: Texas woman gives birth to really big baby

  • 16 pound baby born in Texas, setting new hospital record source
  • » Welcome to the world: A Texas woman named Janet Johnson gave birth to a big time baby today, a child she named JaMichael who weighs in at the astonishing number you see above. East Texas’ Longview hospital has already verified that he’s the biggest newborn baby they’ve delivered, and they’re looking to see if this is a state record as well — Guinness World Records claim the all-time largest newborn was a 23 pound baby born in Ohio in 1879, for what that’s worth..

25 Mar 2010 00:44


Biz: A little clarity on that whole baby-sling-recall thang we posted

  • Babywearing is safe, but some slings and positions are not. While baby carriers are as old as civilization, modern babywearing has exploded in the last four years.
  • Mothering Magazine writer Elizabeth Carovillano • Giving some context to our earlier report on wearing babies like messenger bags. There’s a difference between the old-school approach holding a baby on your back or stomach and these new slings, which almost treat babies like laptops. The magazine offers some suggestions for choosing the best sling. Tip number one: “Only choose a sling that allows you to see your baby’s face.” Good idea. (hat tip Heather Denkmire) source

24 Mar 2010 09:45


Biz: Apparently, carrying babies in a wraparound sling may not be safe

  • Would you put your baby in one of these things? Apparently, a company that sells baby slings is learning the hard way that it’s hard to make a backpack-styled device safe for carrying an infant. Three babies died due to breathing problems caused by the slings. Then the Consumer Product Safety Commission told the public that the slings aren’t safe. Now, sling maker Infantino just took two of their models (including the one on the right) off the market entirely, and told people to stop using them immediately. Oh, baby. source

07 Mar 2010 22:31


Offbeat: South Korean parents learn they prefer virtual babies to real one

  • virtual A set of South Korean parents found themselves playing Prius Online nonstop, raising a virtual child all the while.
  • real Meanwhile, their real child – a three-month-old baby – starved to death after getting fed just once a day. Bad parents! source

13 Feb 2010 13:13


Offbeat: On-the-job-training: 911 dispatcher saves his own baby son

  • He was in training mode, and rocked it. Lacey, Wash. 911 dispatcher Chris Scott got a chance to practice being cool under pressure when his wife, Janna, came on the other line because his 6-month-old son, Jacob, was choking. One thing that helped was that Chris didn’t completely realize it was his wife. Even so, the Marine reservist just back from Iraq successfully guided Janna through the process. Not bad. source

09 Dec 2009 09:35


U.S.: Some crazy lady tried really hard to kill a rival’s baby

  • Forged prescription Kisha Jones of Brooklyn, in an attempt to end the pregnancy of Monique Hunter, who she believed was about to have her husband’s illegitimate baby, reportedly acquired a drug meant to induce labor by acquiring a doctor’s medical pad.
  • Tricked into taking Jones then allegedly pretended to be Hunter’s doctor’s office and called numerous times telling her that she had a prescription she needed to take. Hunter then took the prescription thinking it was hers, had severe abdominal pain, and went into labor.
  • Toxic bottle Despite all of that, the baby survived, but not without another wrinkle. A unidentified man the allegedly dropped off a bottle for the new baby filled with poison. Doctors caught the bottle and called police. “What do you call your act?” “The Aristocrats!” source

23 Nov 2009 23:28


Biz: Have a baby? Have a crib? Then read about this scary recall.

  • 2.1
    cribs have been recalled due to suffocation dangers
  • 110 reports of accidents involving Stork Craft crabs have been reported source

26 Oct 2009 08:20


Tech: Here’s a heartwarming science story on baby mice

  • 7.5 days after conception, embryonic mice begin to form hearts source

24 Jul 2009 16:17


World: What we didn’t do at work today: knock up a panda with frozen sperm

Some smart peeps in China brought this baby panda into the world by knocking up a panda with frozen sperm, a first of its kind with some big implications. source