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09 Aug 2010 21:22


14 Jul 2010 20:21


U.S.: FDA panel: We’re OK if dangerous drug Avandia stays on the market

  • 20
    FDA panel members voted to allow Avandia’s sale; most wanted to restrict it
  • 12 members of the panel voted to take it off the market
  • one person abstained from the vote for some stupid reason source

15 May 2010 12:59


World: Bangkok dangerous: Don’t go to Thailand capital, U.S. and UK say

  • Yes, the fighting has gotten that bad. About a month ago on Twitter, we noted the painful irony of Thailand promoting tourism on our site in the wake of the Red Shirts saga. Now it’s reached the point where two major Western nations have basically told its citizens not to go to the city. We hope the best for the country and its deteriorating political situation, but outsiders should heed this call. source

24 Mar 2010 09:45


Biz: Apparently, carrying babies in a wraparound sling may not be safe

  • Would you put your baby in one of these things? Apparently, a company that sells baby slings is learning the hard way that it’s hard to make a backpack-styled device safe for carrying an infant. Three babies died due to breathing problems caused by the slings. Then the Consumer Product Safety Commission told the public that the slings aren’t safe. Now, sling maker Infantino just took two of their models (including the one on the right) off the market entirely, and told people to stop using them immediately. Oh, baby. source

19 Feb 2010 10:25


U.S.: Stranded National Guard helicopter: No deaths but a tough rescue

  • 13 of 17 passengers rescued from a remote part of West Virginia source

17 Dec 2009 09:58


U.S.: Thirsty? You won’t be after you see this photo

The NYT has a pretty interesting feature about how tap water is really, really dangerous and relatively unregulated. Stick with the bottles, kids. source

23 Nov 2009 23:28


Biz: Have a baby? Have a crib? Then read about this scary recall.

  • 2.1
    cribs have been recalled due to suffocation dangers
  • 110 reports of accidents involving Stork Craft crabs have been reported source

21 Nov 2009 10:44


World: A gas explosion kills dozens of Chinese mine workers

  • 528 people were working in the mine at 2:30 a.m. China time
  • 400 were able to get out safely without injury
  • 42+ were killed, and another 66 are still trapped in the mine source

19 Nov 2009 10:56


World: In Congo, their planes crash into lava for some reason

  • 10 injured after a plane ran into freaking LAVA source

14 Oct 2009 10:07


U.S., World: Abortions not done in a doctors’ care are often deadly

  • 70,000 killed by unsafe abortions yearly source