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22 Aug 2010 20:54


World: Chilean miners: A feel-good (unless they don’t get out) story

  • 33 miners are stuck in a Chilean mine, which kinda sucks a lot
  • 17 the amount of time they’ve been stuck in the mine (yikes)
  • one the number of notes rescuers have saying that they’re OK source

13 Jun 2010 22:01


World: HOLY CRAP: Afghanistan actually has natural resources

  • It’s this shepherd’s lucky day. He’s standing on so much lithium that he could power your laptop’s battery for decades to come. He doesn’t have to herd livestock in the worst place in the world anymore. There are $1 tRILLION dollars worth of precious metals to mine for. This is big. It could change the entire war and might even be enough to defang the Taliban, if it’s handled correctly. And it could make the value of Glenn Beck’s gold tip downward. (Thank God.) Some more details on the amazing find:
  • $1
    the amount of money the country is currently standing on
  • $12
    the size of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product last year

Some obvious questions

  • What’s down there? Lots of stuff, including iron, copper, cobalt, gold and lithium. An internal memo says Afghanistan could be the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” Wow, nice metaphor.
  • how long will it take? It might take a few years to put together the things needed to help Afghanistan take advantage of their vast resources. And the U.S. is already there.
  • Current economic driver? Opium. Lots and lots of opium. Part of the reason terrorism is so strong in the region is because so much money comes from the opium trade and narcotics trafficking.

Did Afghanistan mine before?

  • This is a country that has no mining culture. They’ve had some small artisanal mines, but now there could be some very, very large mines that will require more than just a gold pan.
  • United States Geological Survey geologist Jack Medlin • On the sheer lack of mining history n the country. So why wasn’t this discovered before? Well, there were hints of it in prior Soviet-era documents, but for whatever reason, the potential was overlooked. No longer. The U.S. has spent too freaking long in this country not to start mining it for what it’s worth. It’s estimated that it’s going to take decades to reach their full potential of mining. This’ll be fun to watch. It’ll make their opium crops seem like a waste of time. source

11 May 2010 10:50


World: Russia’s deadly mine blast a major, unfortunate tragedy

  • 52 have died and 38 are still missing after the blasts source

05 Apr 2010 08:30


World: In China, a bunch of miners got rescued; they ate bark to survive

  • 115 lucky bastards got out of
    the flooded pit source

29 Mar 2010 11:20


World: Cause of South Korean ship sinking: An old mine?

The mine reportedly would’ve been set by the North during the 60-year-old Korean War. So, technically, it still may have been attacked by North Korea. source

30 Nov 2009 10:17


World: China charges a bunch of people with covering up a mine disaster

  • 58 were charged in the cover-up – including 10 journalists source

21 Nov 2009 10:44


World: A gas explosion kills dozens of Chinese mine workers

  • 528 people were working in the mine at 2:30 a.m. China time
  • 400 were able to get out safely without injury
  • 42+ were killed, and another 66 are still trapped in the mine source