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23 Nov 2010 02:34


World: In border spat, North, South Korea get into a war of shells

  • 2+ reported killed so far in the latest spat between the countries
  • 200+ number of shells North Korea sent South Korea’s way
  • 80+ number of shells South Korea sent back where those came from
  • 15+ number of injuries on the South Korean side after the attack source

29 Mar 2010 11:20


World: Cause of South Korean ship sinking: An old mine?

The mine reportedly would’ve been set by the North during the 60-year-old Korean War. So, technically, it still may have been attacked by North Korea. source

26 Mar 2010 11:26


World: Holy crap: S. Korean ship may have been hit by N. Korean torpedo

11 Jan 2010 10:07


U.S., World: North Korea wants to make peace with the U.S. all of a sudden

  • peace The country wants to write up a new peace treaty with the U.S. – the first rewrite since the end of the Korean war nearly 60 years ago.
  • leverage The carrot – and stick – for the U.S.? If they sign it, North Korea will give up their nuclear weapons program. A plan too good to be true?
  • flipped? Unfortunately for North Korea, the U.S. wants them to get rid of the nukes first – then they’ll talk about rewriting the peace treaty. source