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24 Mar 2010 22:16


U.S., World: Russia and the U.S. decide it’s a good idea to give nukes a break

  • 90% of all nuclear weapons are owned by the U.S. or Russia
  • eight months of ongoing negotiations between the countries
  • yes they finally came to a deal to stash away their nuclear weapons source

11 Jan 2010 10:07


U.S., World: North Korea wants to make peace with the U.S. all of a sudden

  • peace The country wants to write up a new peace treaty with the U.S. – the first rewrite since the end of the Korean war nearly 60 years ago.
  • leverage The carrot – and stick – for the U.S.? If they sign it, North Korea will give up their nuclear weapons program. A plan too good to be true?
  • flipped? Unfortunately for North Korea, the U.S. wants them to get rid of the nukes first – then they’ll talk about rewriting the peace treaty. source