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11 Feb 2010 21:40


Offbeat: New Yorkers once again prove that any crappy apartment will do

This Brooklyn apartment looks kinda nice until you realize it’s 178 square feet. And at $944 a month, it’s probably the best apartment you can get for the price. source

09 Oct 2009 12:06


Tech: Dear Michael Dell: Do we really need a laptop this thin?

We understand the shrinking nature of phones and laptops, but when Dell pulled out the Adamo, we were just like, who cares? Why out-Apple Apple? source

14 Apr 2009 10:23


U.S.: A question you never expect to ask if you’re an airplane passenger

  • When I touch down … If I ever touch down, do I just kill the throttle?
  • Doug White • A passenger who landed a small turboprop plane in Miami on Sunday after the pilot died. Dude, you’re a regular Sully. • source

11 Mar 2009 10:43


Biz, U.S.: Banks: The bailout money’s too restrictive, we’re giving it back.

  • We are taking an approach that wants the banks to help the economy and whether it is ultimately good for a particular bank is secondary. Weak banks are being asked to do things that will erode their position.
  • L. William Seidman • A former senior regulator who presided over the savings and loan bailout. Many small banks are either choosing not to take the bailout money at all or are looking to give it back, noting things such as executive pay and other strings are necessary for big banks but too restrictive for them. • source