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27 Nov 2010 11:58


Tech: Laptop-buyers clearly preferring MacBooks over everything else

  • 36% of laptop buyers want a MacBook in the next 90 days, a jump of 11 percent from last month
  • 19% of laptop buyers are looking to buy a Dell laptop, down four percent from last month
  • 22% of laptop buyers want an HP laptop, also down four percent from last month source

06 Oct 2010 20:28


Tech: Tech CEOs to Obama: Let us tell you how to cut the deficit

  • Our report contains straightforward, proven ways to pare back $1 trillion from the deficit while increasing productivity and enabling sustainable competitiveness.
  • Dell CEO Michael Dell • Regarding the suggestions the Technology CEO Council has for the President regarding reining in the national debt. Dell, whose own company knows something about leveraging partnerships and cutting corners in the money-saving process, is one of many CEOs backing the plan, which reportedly would cut debt by around $1 trillion in a decade using such methods as consolidating and standardizing processes, using virtualization and cutting energy usage. The methods have already been in use at many of the companies and have already shown results. Will Obama take the bait? source

30 Jul 2010 13:35


Tech: Stay classy: Woman has weird relationship with Dell technician

  • I’m totally convinced. I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him.
  • Dell customer Tara Fitzgerald • Regarding the bizarre turn her life took thanks to trusting an India-based Dell technician way too much. Fitzgerald couldn’t find nude photographs of herself, so she called Dell tech support, only to have the technician steal the photos via a remote desktop session and put them on a Web site. As bad as that is, he also reportedly conned a computer out of her AND charged her Dell credit card for purchases for someone else. Now, say what you will about the woman. It’s a weird situation. But the fact of the matter is, she asked Dell for help in the situation and they didn’t give it to her. Stay classy, Dell. source

23 Jul 2010 23:08


Biz: SEC settlement: Dell pays for pumping up earnings with Intel’s money

  • $4.3 billion the amount Dell reportedly received from Intel from between 2003 and 2007 for using their chips exclusively
  • $100 million the amount Dell has to pay in fines today; the Intel fees are subject of antitrust inquiries source
  • » Don’t forget: This was largely the same era during which Dell knowingly sold millions of computers with 97 percent failure rates. So if you want to talk about business practices which eventually led to lawsuits and SEC settlements, look no further than Dell circa 2005.

30 Jun 2010 11:16


Tech: Dell’s history of selling crapboxes catches up with them

  • 11.8
    number of faulty PCs Dell sold between 2003 and 2005
  • 97%
    the rate at which those crappy computers failed source
  • » And yes, there’s a lawsuit: During the period, Dell sold all these crappy computers to major companies, some of which were brought to their knees by their hardware failures. They were caused by capacitor failures that affected the industry at large. However, Dell never issued a recall and, worse, KNOWINGLY SOLD the defective machines in an effort to save as much money as possible. The company has set aside $100 million to pay any potential settlement over the crappy black boxes, and already took a $300 million charge to repair the machines in 2005. Ever wonder why your work computers broke so easily a while back? This is why.

13 Nov 2009 18:18


Tech: Dell’s smartphones bored the U.S. market, so off to China they go!

  • Oh, and Brazil too, but still … not the U.S. Dell’s Mini 3, anew Google Android-based smartphone, has no shot of really gaining a foothold in the U.S. It’s Dell (boring computers) doing a smartphone (boring smartphones). So, rather than waste all that energy trying to impress American customers who already have iPhones, Pres and Droids to gawk at, they’ve decided to strike out on two different markets which aren’t so staked out by these phones. Good luck selling your boring phones, Dell. source

09 Oct 2009 12:06


Tech: Dear Michael Dell: Do we really need a laptop this thin?

We understand the shrinking nature of phones and laptops, but when Dell pulled out the Adamo, we were just like, who cares? Why out-Apple Apple? source

21 Sep 2009 10:32


Biz: Dell wants a piece of Perot Systems. Heck, it wants the whole thing.

  • $3.9 billion for Ross Perot’s massive cash cow source