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27 Jul 2011 21:57


Tech: Laptop broken? Enroll in an Owensboro, KY public school

  • FREE Macbooks for kids in Kentucky! source
  • » We were generally supportive of the 2009 stimulus package, but aspects of it are starting to seem a bit questionable, to say the least. Case in point: 2,200 students and staff in the town of Owensboro, Kentucky will soon be enjoying a free Macbook Air, courtesy of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. While we’re all for providing students with the technical competency needed to compete in the 21st-century global economy, you don’t really need to give everyone a Macbook Air to do that. The cheapest Air is $999; if we assume, for the sake of argument, that Apple gave Owensboro a 50% bulk discount, that’s still over a million dollars of federal money being spent so kids can have free laptops. Opponents of “wasteful government spending,” your Exhibit A is right here.

20 Jul 2011 13:24


Tech: Apple does a bunch of updates (OSX Lion!), kills off a classic breadwinner

  • cool While exterior changes didn’t happen (did it need any?) the new MacBook Air is a heckuva lot faster and comes with solid-state drives by default.
  • cooler The Mac Mini, sort of the redheaded stepchild of the Mac line, also got a fresh upgrade — notably without an optical drive of any kind.
  • coolest Mac. OSX. Lion. In the Mac App Store. You don’t even need to leave your apartment to upgrade it, guys. Do it naked if you want. source
  • » It’s so hard to say goodbye … Not all changes were in the form of hello, however. The polycarbonate MacBook, a stalwart of the line since Apple’s move to Intel, is gone, effectively replaced by the MacBook Air. It’s the first time in a decade that Apple hasn’t sold a white plastic notebook of any kind. A sad day, but one full of new beginnings, right?

27 Nov 2010 11:58


Tech: Laptop-buyers clearly preferring MacBooks over everything else

  • 36% of laptop buyers want a MacBook in the next 90 days, a jump of 11 percent from last month
  • 19% of laptop buyers are looking to buy a Dell laptop, down four percent from last month
  • 22% of laptop buyers want an HP laptop, also down four percent from last month source

20 Oct 2010 22:31


Tech: Macbook Air porn: Don’t look too hard kid, you might go blind

  • If nothing else, Apple’s updated MacBook Air models are easy on the eyes. So we’re just going to link you to Boing Boing, which has some very sexy photos of these new computers. It’s like reading an issue of Penthouse (RIP Bob Guccione), except with computers. source

01 Jul 2009 23:53


Tech: Here’s that new under-the-radar Firefox 3.5 feature you heard about

  • Have a MacBook/MacBook Pro? Three words: Twist between tabs. If you’re like us, you have three bajillion tabs open at any time, and it’s hard to move between them. Fortunately, CrunchGear has shown us the light, and it’s light in the form of using the MacBook’s multi-touch twist function (which you should seriously try in Photoshop) to switch between tabs. It’s seriously a tiny little innovation which you didn’t know you needed until you used it. source