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20 Jul 2011 13:24


Tech: Apple does a bunch of updates (OSX Lion!), kills off a classic breadwinner

  • cool While exterior changes didn’t happen (did it need any?) the new MacBook Air is a heckuva lot faster and comes with solid-state drives by default.
  • cooler The Mac Mini, sort of the redheaded stepchild of the Mac line, also got a fresh upgrade — notably without an optical drive of any kind.
  • coolest Mac. OSX. Lion. In the Mac App Store. You don’t even need to leave your apartment to upgrade it, guys. Do it naked if you want. source
  • » It’s so hard to say goodbye … Not all changes were in the form of hello, however. The polycarbonate MacBook, a stalwart of the line since Apple’s move to Intel, is gone, effectively replaced by the MacBook Air. It’s the first time in a decade that Apple hasn’t sold a white plastic notebook of any kind. A sad day, but one full of new beginnings, right?

15 Jun 2010 11:49


Tech: Nice: Random Mac Mini redesign comes out of nowhere

  • Can we just say that this was the most neglected part of Apple’s entire lineup? Well, until today, that is. Apple redesigned the box to be used the way people actually use it – as a small, efficient server or as a beefed-up TV device, complete with all the necessary ports to make it a part of your living room. We approve. source

03 Mar 2009 10:14


Tech: In case anyone forgot, Apple has a desktop line

And they updated it today – iMacs, Mac Pros and Mac Minis. Good for them. source