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06 Jan 2011 11:14


Tech: Apple’s Mac App Store: A cool concept, with caveats

  • So, look, the idea sounds cool. And we admit to be looking forward to checking it out. But at the same time, we totally understand why some developers might be freaking out. If the app store is successful at changing the behavior of Apple’s biggest die-hards, it could turn consumers used to spending $20-30 on a program into people who routinely complain that an app costs more than $2. But if this thing is a hit, just think of the scale it could have! So, as you browse through the 1,000+ apps on the store today, keep that in mind before you go too crazy. source

18 Oct 2010 20:05


Biz, Tech: Apple’s 3Q earnings report overloaded with (mostly) good news

  • 91% increase in iPhone sales from a year ago (wow)
  • $20
    Apple’s quarterly revenues, which happens to be a new record for them, by the way
  • $4
    Apple’s quarterly profits, which is also a record for them – and up 70 percent (!); freaking show-offs
  • +28% increase in Mac sales year-over-year; not bad considering their light recent publicity
  • +28% increase in iPad sales from last quarter; pretty good but not particularly spectacular
  • -11% decline in year-over-year iPod sales, which admittedly was kind of expected source
  • » Investors somehow not impressed: Wait, what? Well, here’s why: They expected the increase in Apple’s iPad sales to be much higher, so as a result, Apple’s stock went down five percent in after-hours trading. You bastards can’t ever be impressed, can you?

13 Oct 2010 10:21


Tech: Hmm: Microsoft exec says Windows Phone 7 will support OSX

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m glad to confirm that Mac users would be able to use Zune on their Macs to sync with #WP7
  • A (quickly-deleted) tweet from Microsoft’s UK head of Windows Phone maketing, Oded Ran • Suggesting that the company would actually release a version of the Zune’s software onto OSX so that they wouldn’t be cutting out their hotly-anticipated Windows Phone 7 from a quickly-growing part of the PC market. Perhaps that’s why the Zune hasn’t taken off. Despite being on the market for four whole years, they’ve only managed a paltry 2 percent of the market. Just for comparison’s sake, the iPod has 70 percent. source

10 Oct 2010 23:18


Tech: Sparrow = Dead simple e-mail, and surprisingly, a lot of hype

  • Here’s something that’s never been tried before: Minimalism. In an e-mail client. In an attempt to simplify what may perhaps be one of the most overly-cluttered parts of our daily life, new mail client Sparrow wants you to use e-mail the way that you use Twitter. Crazy idea, but the beta version of this app got 20,000 downloads in a day – really high for a new OSX program. Talk about attention. source

27 Jul 2010 08:59


Tech: Apple’s Magic Trackpad: For desktop users feeling left out

This wasn’t TOTALLY unexpected. In fact, the rumor mill had been suggesting this very idea for months – a trackpad for desktops. Neat. (Oh, iMacs also got a refresh.) source

15 Jun 2010 11:49


Tech: Nice: Random Mac Mini redesign comes out of nowhere

  • Can we just say that this was the most neglected part of Apple’s entire lineup? Well, until today, that is. Apple redesigned the box to be used the way people actually use it – as a small, efficient server or as a beefed-up TV device, complete with all the necessary ports to make it a part of your living room. We approve. source

10 Nov 2009 09:37


Tech: Hackbooks/Hackintoshes a victim of latest Snow Leopard update

  • You’ve been killed, hackbook. The newest version of Apple’s Snow Leopard had been rumored to lock out Mac using Atom chips – in other words, netbooks. And despite initial contrary reports, this actually turned out to be the case. Will it last? And will Apple just bite the bullet and get into the netbook market to kill this debate once and for all? source

24 Oct 2009 01:47


Tech: We would like to welcome our Google Chrome OSX overlords

We’ve been futzing with the Chromium nightly builds of this for months, but now it’s here in real, usable format. If you’re on a Mac, download this. source

27 Aug 2009 10:52


Tech: Daily Poll: Do you plan to buy OSX Snow Leopard tomorrow?

  • Screw it. We’re doing this everyday now. Thanks to the good responses we’ve gotten to our previous polls, we’re going to start posting daily questions. Which means you jerks better respond and make us look good.

31 May 2009 10:20


Tech: Apple clonemakers alternatingly rise and fall

  • rise Apple has a new unauthorized clone manufacturer to deal with. Quo Computer launches this week with a L.A.-based retail outlet. They plan to prove their worth to Apple by focusing on quality.
  • fall Good thing they showed up when they did, because fellow clone maker Psystar just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They’ll still sell Hackintoishes, but their lawsuit against Apple was put on hold.