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21 Nov 2011 20:52


U.S.: Why the FBI reportedly passed on perusing Jose Pimentel

  • They felt the NYPD’s evidence, and Pimentel’s actual threat, was shaky. If given the opportunity, could Jose Pimentel have actually pulled off a terror threat? The NYPD seemed convinced of this, but the FBI wasn’t quite so sure. On top of this, they felt the evidence was a little rough around the edges — particularly the use of a confidential informant, who recorded hours of conversations with Pimentel, but may not be the most reliable witness to whatever happened. As one law enforcement official, speaking off the record, put it: “If the FBI declines a case, it’s not a strong case.” Think it’ll hold up? source

19 Oct 2011 10:25


U.S.: Pepper-spraying NYPD cop Anthony Bologna disciplined

  • 10 days of vacation time lost for his pepper-spraying conduct source
  • But does it go far enough?While Bologna’s actions in the infamous YouTube video drew massive scorn, some of the victims weren’t impressed with the punishment. “He needs a lot of vacation. He needs to go to a place very quiet, far away, for a very long time,” Ron Kuby, the lawyer for one of the victims, said. “He’s supposed to be there in an advisory capacity, to ensure that the young patrol officers aren’t doing what in fact the deputy inspectors are doing.”
  • Presented in the right context?Meanwhile, Bologna’s union, the NYPD Captains Endowment Association, is standing behind the cop, despite the claim he violated the department’s rules on pepper spray use: “Deputy Inspector Bologna is disappointed at the results of the Department investigation. His actions prevented further injury and escalation of tumultuous conduct. To date, this conduct has not been portrayed in its true context.” Bologna can still challenge the ruling.

03 Oct 2011 21:25


U.S.: NYC Bus drivers want no part of Occupy Wall Street arrests

  • There’s NYPD brass with guns on buses saying ‘Move the bus, this bus is now under the control of the NYPD. What room to protest is there? It’s not a transit supervisor you’re dealing with.
  • New York Transport Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen • Discussing the way that the Brooklyn Bridge Occupy Wall Street arrests went down, particularly how the NYPD commandeered buses to arrest protesters en masse. The union is seeking injunctions (preliminary and permanent) against the NYPD to prevent them from doing this again. “The actions of the NYPD on Oct. 1, 2011, amounted to a seizure of the bus drivers,” the union’s lawyer, Arthur Schwartz, claimed in court. Will be curious to see how this goes. source

01 Oct 2011 20:38


U.S.: NYPD: 400 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge during protests

  • Some complied and took the walkway without being arrested. Other locked arms and proceeded on the Brooklyn-bound vehicular roadway. The latter were arrested.
  • A NYPD police spokesman • Discussing the arrests of 400 protesters (EDIT: This number jumped significantly from an earlier version of this story — from 50 to 400) on the Brooklyn Bridge earlier today, during the Occupy Wall Street protests, which are starting to pick up some steam (along with union support). Witnesses say that police used orange netting to surround and control the movements of protesters, and those arrested were taken away on three separate buses. source

02 Jul 2011 18:13


U.S.: In this video, the NYPD blows up illegal fireworks by the thousands

  • This scene reminds us of a great line from the Simpsons. “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it!” Fortunately, the NYPD did that for us. You know, without blowing off our limbs or anything dangerous like that. (via Gawker) source

19 Mar 2010 11:35


Offbeat: Police keep messing with old couple because their computers suck

If this woman seems annoyed, it’s because she is. NYC police have raided her house 50 times since 2002 for no good reason other than a computer error. source

20 Sep 2009 09:57


U.S.: It appears the FBI and NYPD stopped an alleged terror plot

  • 3 were charged with lying to the feds about the plot source