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26 Sep 2009 10:46


U.S.: The Zazi terror attack may have targeted the now-passed 9/11

  • Attorney General Eric Holder says the threat is likely “disrupted.” Terror suspect Najibullah Zazi reportedly planned to use the 9/11 holiday to plot another attack in New York, the U.S. attorney’s office says. Zazi, who was recently nailed buying large amounts of beauty store supplies on camera, likely faces life in prison for the planned attack. source

24 Sep 2009 20:12


U.S.: Beauty shop terror: That acetone wasn’t to remove nail polish

The feds say Najibullah Zazi went to beauty stores and stocked up on lots of hydrogen and acetone (a.k.a. nail polish remover, a possible chemical bomb element). source

22 Sep 2009 10:40


U.S.: Know that terror plot? Yeah. Be careful on the metro train.

  • More suspects are out there. And they could be targeting mass transit. The feds are telling major metro systems across the country to be on their Ps and Qs after the arrest of Najibullah Zazi, who may have been plotting an attack on the New York Subway. CNN is currently reporting that investigators are after a dozen more people. So if you can, carpool. Or take the bus. source

20 Sep 2009 22:24


U.S.: The suspected terror plot revolves around notes on a laptop

  • nine pages of handwritten notes on making bombs were found on suspect Najibullah Zazi’s computer source

20 Sep 2009 09:57


U.S.: It appears the FBI and NYPD stopped an alleged terror plot

  • 3 were charged with lying to the feds about the plot source