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11 Aug 2010 21:41


World: Osama bin Laden’s cook gets prison time for feeding bin Laden

  • 14 number of years Ibrahim al Qosi was sentenced in a military tribunal for conspiring with al-Qaeda and providing material support for terrorism
  • two number of years al Qosi may actually serve, based on a plea agreement which has been kept secret and may not be publicized for months, when nobody cares anymore source

05 Aug 2010 20:24


U.S.: al-Shabab: Somali terror group the root of latest terror arrests

  • 14 the number of alleged al-Shabab supporters indicted for providing support to the group
  • three the number of states in which they were residing – Alabama, California and Minnesota source

08 Jul 2010 09:00


World: Al-Qaeda reportedly had its sights on bombing Norwegian targets

  • 3 dudes were arrested in Norway,
    that hotbed of terrorism source

21 Jun 2010 20:34


U.S.: Faisal Shahzad’s guilty plea has a little extra for conspiracy kooks

  • It’s a war. I am part of the answer to the US terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people.
  • Wannabe Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad • Using fighting words during his guilty plea, which he verified 100 times over. He said that if the U.S. didn’t leave Iraq and Afghanistan, “we will be attacking US.” So put that in your pipe and smoke it. The dude can’t even build a proper car bomb! (In other news, we’ve had an open-and-shut terror attempt in the time that the oil spill has been spewing.) source

21 Jun 2010 10:53


U.S.: Can U.S. humanitarian groups offer aid to terror-tied groups?

  • NO the Supreme Court said that was prohibited source

06 May 2010 00:09


U.S.: There’s a U-Haul truck hanging out on the RFK Bridge right now

  • It has Arizona plates; no #(&@, Sherlock, it’s a U-Haul. Just when we needed another terrorism scare in New York City, here we go. Somebody ditched a U-Haul about 1,000 feet from a toll booth. The bridge is currently shut down and everyone’s on their Ps and Qs. Please not be a bomb, please not be a bomb … (Update: Reuters says it’s not a bomb. Just a scare, nothing more.) source

14 Mar 2010 11:04


World: Jihad Jane not an isolated incident. Just ask Jamie Paulin-Ramirez.

  • He said that Christians will burn in hellfire. That’s what they are teaching this baby.
  • Christine Mott • Grandmother of a boy whose mother, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, fell in with an Islamic terrorist cell that was plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist. Paulin-Ramirez, who’s from Colorado, was arrested in Ireland on Tuesday along with a bunch of other members of that group, which also included “Jihad Jane” among its membership. She was later released. When you’ve lost housewives from Colorado and precocious six-year-old boys to radical Islam, much is wrong with this world. source

07 Mar 2010 11:23


World: Iraq’s election over, despite the terror attacks that peppered it

  • 19M number of people who were eligible to vote in Iraq’s second parliamentary election since 2003
  • 10 number of hours the polls were open in Iraq today; 6,200 candidates ran for 325 parliamentary seats up for grabs
  • 38+ number of people
    who died terrorist in attacks today designed to scare people away from voting source

16 Jan 2010 16:36


U.S., World: Nelson Mandela: An example of terror watch resource waste?

  • 15 years on the U.S. terror watch list after he won a Nobel source

05 Jan 2010 20:21


U.S.: Mwah mwah mwah: Obama admits his staff blew the terror attack

  • We dodged a bullet but just barely. It was averted by brave individuals, not because the system worked, and that is not acceptable.
  • President Barack Obama • Speaking with his staff today in the White House just before he made a speech on the Christmas terror attack – the one where he got the Underwear Bomber in his stocking. Obama pulled no punches and totally admitted it was a screw-up by his staff, one that they’re working on. source