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21 Jan 2012 17:48


World: Madagascar’s former leader screwed out of trip back home

Marc Ravalomanana, exiled from his former country, was trying to get back in to Madagascar on a flight from Johannesburg. But his plane was forced to turn around mid-flight after the country shuttered a number of its airports before he could land. source

08 Dec 2011 14:14


World: Inaction feared at climate change conference in Durban, South Africa

  • In a time of constraints, in a time of crisis, in a time of tough budgets, people are saying that charity starts at home, that we cannot deal with something noble but medium and long-term like the environment.
  • Angel Gurria, chief of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development • Discussing the stumbling inaction by the global community in adequately addressing the issue of climate change. 194 nations are currently convened in Durban, South Africa for a major conference on climate change, one which strives to reach agreements on carbon control to continue the process begun by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol; the EU has said they will not renew their emissions reduction standards unless measures are adopted so that all countries (most importantly the United States and China, the world’s worst polluters) must hold to certain emissions standards as well. This has caused turmoil in the discussions, as many less developed nations insist they haven’t been to blame for the surge in carbon to date, and thus shouldn’t be penalized as they now strive to industrialize. source

22 Nov 2011 10:53


World: South African parliament passes controversial secrecy law

  • cause The South African parliament passed a bill on Tuesday that they say is intended to “save lives, to enhance and to protect the freedom and security of persons, to bring criminals to justice, to protect the national security and to engage in effective government and diplomacy.” Jacob Zuma is expected to sign it into law.
  • reaction The bill has further strained the relationship between the press and the government. Many believe the law is an attempt to shield the country’s elite from criticism and prevent whistleblowing. A number of anti-apartheid leaders  have also come out against the bill, including Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, who called it “insulting.” source

30 May 2011 11:28


World: Libya: Can South African president Jacob Zuma pull off a deal?

Our boy is reportedly in Libya to try to broker a power-sharing deal between Gaddafi and the rebels. Will the South African president’s presence get Gaddafi (shown) to budge? source

13 Feb 2011 11:33


Politics: U2’s Bono steps into South African “Shoot the Boer” controversy

  • When I was a kid and I’d sing songs I remember my uncles singing… rebel songs about the early days of the Irish Republican Army. … We sang this and it’s fair to say it’s folk music.
  • U2’s Bono • Defending his support of a South African protest song called “Shoot the Boer,” seen as an attack on white people in South African (“boer” is considered a slur), by noting that the Irish Republican Army had violent protest songs, too! (He sang a couple bars of a violence-promoting Irish “folk song” while talking.) The song is the center of major controversy, with the leader of South Africa’s Youth League, Julius Malema, in a legal fight over whether the song is hate speech or not. Based on the criticism the human-rights figurehead has gotten, it may just be. if it weren’t for the Spider-Man musical, this would be the dumbest thing he’s done lately. source

06 Dec 2010 21:23


29 Nov 2010 10:53


Biz: Massmart deal: Wal-Mart looks to buy way into South African market

  • 51% the amount of Massmart Wal-Mart wants to make its own
  • $2.3B the amount they’re willing to pay for the South African chain
  • no the unions aren’t quite on board with this decision as of yet source

18 Jul 2010 09:27


06 Jul 2010 11:11


World: Caster Semenya can run again – as a woman, not a man

Fans of comeback stories will like this one. After nearly a year of often-mean-spirited gender second-guessing, Semenya will get back on the track. source

11 Jun 2010 10:05


World: No stranger to tragedy: Nelson Mandela’s family hardships

  • 1st His first child, Thembikele, died in a car crash in 1969.
  • 2nd His second child, Thembikele, lived only nine months.
  • 3rd His third child, Makgatho, died of an AIDS-related illness.
  • 4th His marriage to Winnie Mandela ended in 1996 after 38 years. source