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25 Nov 2011 08:14


U.S.: WTF: Competitive shopper at Wal-Mart pepper sprays rivals

  • I heard screaming and I heard yelling. Moments later, my throat stung. I was coughing really bad and watering up.
  • Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, California Wal-Mart customer Matthew Lopez • Describing what happened after another customer, who authorities say was “competitive shopping,” pepper sprayed 20 people (including children!) in an attempt to beat everyone else at getting stuff. Considering, you know, this incident and this incident, the usage of pepper spray seems incredibly ironic. Authorities are looking for the person who sprayed her fellow shoppers in efforts to buy a new Xbox 360 or something similar. Humanity sucks sometimes. source

09 Nov 2011 14:54


Biz: Dr. Always Low Prices? Wal-Mart wants to be your physician

  • Wal-Mart expanding into medical care: Beloved by some for their low, low prices and reviled by others for suspect workplace practices and their debilitating effect on local economies, Wal-Mart is moving a new direction that figures to stoke similar passions — the health care industry. Their thinking seems to be that with a huge surge in insured citizens on the horizon, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, there will be a shortage of general practitioners and medical clinics to accommodate them. These in-store medical clinics would, according to NPR, be equipped to handle such critical things as HIV and diabetes management. source

14 Sep 2011 00:58


Biz: After dodging a Supreme Court bullet, Walmart focuses on women

  • june In what would’ve been the largest class-action suit ever, over a million female employees tried to sue Walmart for discrimination. The Supreme Court, however, said it stretched the definition of a class-action suit way too far, blocking the suit from moving forward.
  • september Looking to improve its image after avoiding what could’ve been a hugely damaging lawsuit, the company says it plans to double its investment in businesses run by women, and show in other ways that they’ve changed their ways. Have they? source

20 Jun 2011 10:33


Biz, U.S.: Supreme Court: Walmart’s massive sex bias lawsuit won’t go forward

  • 9-0 Walmart won’t face a massive class-action lawsuit source
  • » So, what’s next? Well, the 1.3 million women who claimed a role in the discrimination lawsuit can pursue their claims individually, but that probably won’t happen. The stakes are also lower as the scope has been lowered. Walmart also faces less pressure to settle such cases. The decision reverses a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case that favored the employees in the class-action lawsuit, and would’ve been a huge deal had it been decided the other way.

29 Mar 2011 10:13


Biz: Supreme Court: Wal-Mart’s worker discrimination case hits today

  • Today’s a fun day in the Supreme Court: See, Wal-Mart, the world’s largest corporation, will be in front of the nine justices, fending off claims that they discriminated against female workers systemically. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The women fielding the claim want to bring a huge class-action discrimination lawsuit against the company. If they succeed at the Supreme Court, the lawsuit, which would cover EVERY female employee — current and former — from 1988 onward, would go forward, costing the company as much as $1 billion. But considering they make billons of dollars each year, it’s really not that much, is it? source

20 Jan 2011 11:18


Biz: Wal-Mart: We’re going to make our foods healthier, kids

  • Wal-Mart is in a unique position as a big-time grocer. With 140 million people who shop at their stores each week, their products can have a major effect on the food that people eat – both good and bad. So, as a way to take advantage of that, the mega-corp announced it would be making some changes to the foods it stocks, in line with Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign:
  • 25% the amount of salt Wal-Mart plans to remove from its processed foods by 2015 (good job!)
  • 10% the amount of sugar the retail chain plans to remove from those foods, which is a great idea source
  • » Also good to note: They’ll also be ditching such unhealthy things as trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils. They made this announcement while chief executive Bill Simon was randomly hanging out with Michelle today. “No family should have to choose between food that is healthier for them and food they can afford,” Simon said. So, has the federal government ditched their pro-cheese program yet?

06 Dec 2010 10:34


Biz, U.S.: Supreme Court takes up massive labor suit against Wal-Mart

  • What’s bigger than a breadbox, involves a lot of women, and could give Wal-Mart some major fits? If you answered Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes, a very large class-action discrimination suit that’s about to hit the Supreme Court. The case revolves around whether the class action suit is too large to be treated as a class-action suit. If it is, Wal-Mart wins because it won’t be forced to pay, because the cases will have to be treated individually. If it isn’t, Wal-Mart could be forced to pay out an epic settlement. We like watching Supreme Court cases where a lot is at stake, so, really, we win either way. source

29 Nov 2010 10:53


Biz: Massmart deal: Wal-Mart looks to buy way into South African market

  • 51% the amount of Massmart Wal-Mart wants to make its own
  • $2.3B the amount they’re willing to pay for the South African chain
  • no the unions aren’t quite on board with this decision as of yet source

25 Nov 2010 21:53


Biz: A sampling of when certain stores are opening up for Black Friday

  • 10 p.m. the time Toys “R” Us opens tonight for Black Friday (earliest)
  • 12 a.m. the time Wal-Mart opens for Black Friday (still pretty early)
  • 3 a.m. the time Kohl’s opens for Black Friday (too late; nobody cares) source

22 Nov 2010 10:45


Biz: Wal-Mart to price match on Black Friday, basically encourage riots

  • Ah, our favorite time of the year. Black Friday. In case you’re looking for deals on stuff, you may want to consider the unincorporated wastelands that will be Wal-Mart stores on Friday. See, if one store is offering a really good deal on an item that Wal-Mart has, it will match the deal. Which, on top of their free shipping offer online, basically ensures that you will go nowhere else this holiday season to buy your Christmas presents. Merry Christmas, other retailers. You’re going out of business, and Wal-Mart’s going to buy your corpse. source