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14 Sep 2011 00:58


Biz: After dodging a Supreme Court bullet, Walmart focuses on women

  • june In what would’ve been the largest class-action suit ever, over a million female employees tried to sue Walmart for discrimination. The Supreme Court, however, said it stretched the definition of a class-action suit way too far, blocking the suit from moving forward.
  • september Looking to improve its image after avoiding what could’ve been a hugely damaging lawsuit, the company says it plans to double its investment in businesses run by women, and show in other ways that they’ve changed their ways. Have they? source

03 Jun 2010 21:01


Biz: Show offs. Wal-Mart anticipated costly class-action bias suit

  • 1995 Wal-Mart hired a bunch of lawyers to see if they might be vulnerable to a costly class-action discrimination suit from female workers.
  • 2001 A bunch of female workers file a class-action suit against the company, claiming bias. It then winds its way through the courts.
  • 2010 A lower court decides to let the suit go forward. Wal-Mart plans to appeal that obvious decision all the way to the Supreme Court. source

26 Apr 2010 20:57


Biz: Wal-Mart’s bracing for a huge sex-discrimination lawsuit

  • one
    number of women that could
    sue Wal-Mart in a class action
    trial over unfair pay
  • nine
    amount of time this case
    has been winding through the
    federal courts source
  • » Oh, just an FYI: This court case is weeding its way through the Ninth Circuit Federal Appeals Court. Wal-Mart plans to appeal the case. If you remember our article from yesterday, this doesn’t bode well for the result.

22 Mar 2010 20:05


U.S.: Health care’s next big battlefield? The fight over states’ rights

  • 11 states plan to sue the
    government over health care,
    ten in a class-action suit
  • 36 states have pending lawsuits,
    bills or legislation against the
    health care bill source

11 Mar 2010 20:42


U.S.: Thousands of Ground Zero cleanup workers get insurance settlement

  • 10k number of defendants in the World Trade Center cleanup case; they claimed the cleanup damaged their health
  • $657M the amount defendants will get in a settlement;
    the money will come
    from a $1.1 billion
    insurance fund
  • $65k the amount that sum means for each defendant (not counting lawyer fees and other costs, of course) source

31 Dec 2009 12:32


Tech: iPod headphone lawsuit jacked because defendants had no claim

  • WHAT?! No, really, we couldn’t hear you. Apple, which is in the midst of lawsuit hell with Nokia, can at least claim one big victory – a class-action lawsuit on iPods causing hearing loss. After winning the original suit, now they won the appeal? Why? Well, two reasons. First, the defendants didn’t actually have any hearing damage caused by the iPod, just fear it might happen. And two, even if they did, the court would pin the blame on them, not Apple. Way to lose embarrassingly, guys. source