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29 May 2010 16:25


Culture: Dennis Hopper’s death not as Twitter-overtaking as Gary Coleman’s

  • 1.9% of all tweets were about Hopper’s death source
  • How does it compare? It drew less than half the attention of Coleman’s on a slower day. (That factoid has been tweeted a lot today, by the way.) Part of it might be due to the sheer shock of Coleman’s versus Hopper’s more-known health problems.

13 Oct 2009 11:01


Tech: The URL shortener race has already been won by

See that blue line? That’s See that green line? That’s TinyURL, getting its lunch eaten because it has no analytics. See those other lines? That’s everyone else. source

26 Apr 2009 09:54


Politics, U.S.: How does Obama compare to all those other presidents?

With nearly 100 days of experience behind him, comparisons start to stick. source

02 Mar 2009 20:41


Music, Offbeat: The key to genius: Listening to Beethoven. Or Sufjan Stevens.

Virgil Griffith compared SAT scores and your favorite bands. Sufjan is for nerds. source