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30 May 2010 14:35


Biz: Time’s Newsfeed: A boring, obvious attempt at a news blog

  • Hey, it’s like we’re looking at us. Except not as good. Time’s new Newsfeed blog has a similar news+short approach to us, except with one major difference. (OK, two; it has a budget.) It’s super-cluttered. The headlines are too bold. There are too many images. The bar on the left gets in the way. And it doesn’t do anything interesting with the idea. There are other sites that do way more interesting things with this idea. The Atlantic Wire, for example. source

06 Apr 2010 10:51


Tech: Farmville sucks; do something else with your wasted time, jerks

  • lame People play Facebook games like Farmville as if it’s nobody’s business, wasting time and money on virtual plots that aren’t fun, just addictive and annoying.
  • not lame New startup Armchair Revolutionary, which launches today, has dreams of making games like Farmville that actually help the world. Godspeed! source

27 Dec 2009 11:32


Culture: Will someone give NASA TV a kick in the butt? It needs it.

This guy runs the most boring network on TV. Despite the fact that the subject matter is fascinating (space!), the commentary often puts people to sleep. source

16 Dec 2009 09:40


Politics: Ben Bernanke? Time’s Person of the Year pick doesn’t impress us

  • How worthy is this choice? We realize why some might consider the choice of the Federal Reserve Chair just, but we argue even if you’re gonna go that route, Timothy Geithner and numerous CEOs have claim on this mantle. It’s an iffy choice at best. source


12 Nov 2009 10:48


Culture: Lou Dobbs replacement on CNN is … John freaking King? What?

They’re going to replace the most excitable personality on their network with the most boring one? Seriously, guys? Try harder. Your ratings are floundering. source