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03 Jul 2011 12:42


Politics: Looking back: Why Mark Halperin’s quip is really par for the course

  • It would be nice to think that the rapidity of the official reaction had to do with legitimate disapproval. Actually, it is a reflex quickened by practice because what cable news now calls political journalism is set up to produce just this kind of ‘television moment’ and its attendant swirl of attention-getting faux controversy.
  • L.A. Times columnist Tim Rutten • Offering a room-clearing take on the whole situation with Mark Halperin and “Morning Joe.” To put it simply, he doesn’t think it’s actually any sort of controversy of the real kind, but instead an opportunity to create a conversation-of-the-day moment. (Which Halperin’s quip successfully did, by the way.) It’s an idea that started with Fox News but has kinda expanded from there. There’s even a site dedicated to this idea. And well, you know, he’s right. But it makes good TV, and that’s all that matters, right? source

16 Jun 2011 16:30


Politics: Media outlets cut away from Pelosi’s job talk

  • ‘Less jobs, more Weiner,’ media pleads: This is the sort of thing that, after what’s already been a very overblown frenzy over the scandal (and today’s resignation) of Anthony Weiner, serves as an instant representation of what’s frustrating us right now. What makes this even worse is that Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly and stridently called for Weiner’s resignation. As the Democratic Leader, that condemnation is part of what Weiner seemed to feel forced his hand. Is there really even anything left to ask her about this? source

14 Oct 2010 11:10


Politics: Chile miner rescue: Jon Stewart proves why cable news sucks

  • Dear Jon Stewart: Thank you for proving our point that this whole story has basically been kibble for cable news channels.

21 Jun 2010 10:25


Culture: Larry King should retire because he sucks: The NYT & us

  • In Lady Gaga, Mr. King had a willing, wildly famous subject. If he can no longer hit a hanging curve ball over the middle of the plate, shouldn’t CNN be thinking hard about who is on deck?
  • New York Times media writer David Carr • Suggesting exactly why Larry King kinda sucks at his job. He has flopped with numerous recent interviews, specifically with Gaga. And the worst part? CNN doesn’t have anyone to replace him. They’re so desperate to find someone to replace Campbell Brown that they’re talking to Eliot Spitzer (which we actually think would be a good idea). And, ultimately, Carr argues, he may find himself in a Helen Thomas situation if he doesn’t get ready to move on. Do the right thing, Larry. Retire. source

09 May 2010 22:29


Politics: Max Headroom: Meet the kind of guy who posts news videos all day

  • This bearded dude may not look like much, but he’s kind of a big deal. This guy runs a YouTube channel called, which has posted hundreds of political videos like the kind we post here every week. He’s a bit of an obsessive about it (and argues the world might end after 2012), but he finds some really great news content. (And he needs money. You should donate.) The guy who ran the similar NewsPolitics YouTube channel got a job as a video editor for the excellent Mediaite and has turned that site into a huge hit. Why shouldn’t this guy get hooked up by Dan Abrams too? Just sayin’. Here are some recent clips from Mr. MoxNews’ YouTube channel.

  • Can Jesus be funnY? This priest on “Fox and Friends” seems offended by the idea that one can make fun of Jesus Christ, as Comedy Central is currently planning. He hurts his cause by suggesting a funny comedy couldn’t be made about presidential infidelity. Did this dude forget the Clinton years?
  • Oops, wrong guy!This MoxNews clip of a Seattle beating drew nearly 50,000 views in just two days. In the clip, police officers hold a man who was possibly a suspect in an armed robbery. Before they even know if he’s their guy, officers kick and stomp on him, injuring him. By the way, he wasn’t their guy.
  • Ron paul: I called it! The congressman and 2008 presidential candidate has been going on and on for years about overspending and too much debt causing the downfall of the world, so guess who Fox News called when they needed to talk to somebody about the Greece debt crisis? That’s right, Ron Paul.

12 Nov 2009 11:09


12 Nov 2009 10:48


Culture: Lou Dobbs replacement on CNN is … John freaking King? What?

They’re going to replace the most excitable personality on their network with the most boring one? Seriously, guys? Try harder. Your ratings are floundering. source

22 Apr 2009 10:28


Politics, U.S.: The New York Times won a Pulitzer for a blacklisted story

  • The outright refusal of any of these ‘news organizations’ even to mention what Barstow uncovered about the Pentagon’s propaganda program and the way it infected their coverage is one of the most illuminating events revealing how they operate.
  • Glenn Greenwald • Discussing the media’s ignoring of a major investigative journalism piece by NYT reporter David Barstow on the television media’s use of talking heads to disseminate propaganda in favor of the military on cable news networks. • source